Explosion at West, Texas

Today’s post was going to be about yarn weights, but I’m a little preoccupied this morning. Things have hit extremely close to home, about 13 miles north of home, if we want to be specific.

Here’s what I do know: At around 8pm, there was an explosion at the fertilizer factory in West, Texas. By the way, as odd as it sounds, the town is actually called West, even though it’s in Central Texas. And to clarify, as many Twitterers and media people are getting wrong, West and Waco are not the same place. The explosion took place in West, not Waco. Thank you, guys. I’ve been getting texts and calls all night with people checking on us.

Anyway, when I went to bed just after 8, only injuries were reported. By the time I woke up, around midnight, there were an estimated 60-70 killed and over 100 injured. Mind you, those numbers have not been confirmed as of the writing of this post. We won’t know more until it’s all over, and it sounds like things are still happening right now.

UDPATE: The numbers are now 5-15. I’m glad to see much lower numbers, though my heart still breaks for those who did lose their loved ones last night, especially as it looks like many were rescue workers.

Here’s what I speculate: It’s not likely to have been a terrorist attack or some violent group. My money is something just sparked. As many movies and TV shows can tell us, fertilizer can be explosive. That doesn’t make any of this easier, of course. Terrorist attack or not, people are dead or hurt. People have lost homes. It’s devastating no matter what way you look at it.

If you’re in the area or just Texas in general, there will likely be blood donation locations set up in the morning. There will also be general donations taken as many people lost everything in this explosion. We’ll be keeping our friends and loved ones in West in our prayers.

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  1. Just woken up to hear about this on the news here in the UK. Just sounds absolutely aweful. Hope you are ok where you are and just thinking of and praying for all those affected by this tragic event.

  2. Heard the news on the radio this morn in the UK. We presumed it was an industrial accident but still dreadful for all the families concerned. V sad news.

  3. The news is streaming the explosion aftermath live here in Australia. So sad for West, Texas and America to lose so many people. The implications will affect many for years to come. Our prayers are with you.

  4. I just read the headline in the E-Mail I got from facebook and immediately went to check the homepage of a German newspaper … This is so terrible. I am so sorry for all the people who died and were hurt during this explosion.

  5. Thanks for keeping us informed. I also saw the news on TV this morning in SA (Johannesburg). Was thinking of all those I know in Texas through the internet and Ravelry, glad to see all is still well. Stay safe and take care.

  6. Just woke up to see the news. Watching on TV. As close as you live are you having to leave the area. I live in Houston and can generate my quilt guild when we see how we can help. Prayers with all in the danger area!

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the news, I saw it on cnn when I woke up this morning. My prayers are with all the families involved, sending light and love Natalie Serra from Lusaka Zambia

  8. I couldn’t believe the news last night when I saw what was happening in Texas. My heart goes out to everyone affected. I will keep you and everyone in the West Texas area in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe.

  9. My thoughts are with you and the families near by who were directly affected. Its so much more real and raw and hard when you are close to a tragedy like this. Being near to Boston, Being in close range to Newtown, CT…..Makes it so real and unbearable. Hug your hubs extra tight today.

  10. Such terrible news, my thoughts and prayers are with the whole community in West, Texas. An awful week for America. Wether an industrial accident or cowardly terrorist activity in Boston I pray for peace and healing to all involved in both incidents.

  11. Tragedy is everywhere – we are keeping them in our prayers. Thankful you and your family are ok.
    Bessings –

  12. I heard about this on Good Morning America this morning, how tragic. April historically seems to be an emotionally rough month for America. Glad to read that you are okay.

  13. While I’m relieved West doesn’t look like another attack like Boston, I’m still saddened that there has been so many lives lost this week. I live only an hour north of Boston, so I imagine most of what I’ll be seeing today on the news will still be about that, though.
    I’m glad you and your family are okay!

  14. I live in Waco, Texas and I have been getting emails and texts this morning as well. Are you in Waco? I am not sure where West, Texas is, we haven’t lived here very long but my husband thinks it is North of us. Try finding a town called West online, you type in West, Texas and you get a map of all of west Texas. My friend from England was told it happened in Waco.

    • It’s about 13 miles north of Waco. The town is well known for its Czech heritage. I’m in Waco, and I kept getting contacted about it too. Misinformation is all. They should’ve said “near Waco” rather than in for clarification.

  15. I’m so sorry this has happened. I’m keeping the people in my thoughts, hopefully the numbers don’t rise any more. Take care of yourself xxx

  16. Thanks for the information. Bloomberg is still saying Waco. Prayers to all who are injured or killed.

  17. So sorry to hear of this tragedy. Those plants use natural gas to make fertilizer. It is very volitile. In North Dakota we are trying to get plants like that set up to capture the gas that is flaring off our oil wells. It is a dangerous business, yet some polititians think we should fuel our cars with it. Go figure.

  18. It is so sad to think of the men and women who went to work that day and never came home….the families of these people have our deepest sympathy…. 😦

  19. This news makes my heart hurt. I went to college in Belton, so I’m very familiar with the area, too. West will be in my prayers for sure.

  20. My husband used to drive down to Waco several times a week when he worked for the Postal Service, and he always stopped at a place called The Czech Shop, which he said is just down the road from where the explosion happened. We were in such shock! It’s certainly understandable why you would be preoccupied — I’m so glad you were enough distance away that you are safe!

  21. This has been a terrible week! I was so sorry to hear the news. My parents live in the Houston area and I have relatives in Dallas. Glad you’re okay.

  22. I was so shocked to hear this news yesterday morning when I turned on my radio. You folks in the states are having a tough time this week. My thoughts go to all the victims, injured and families affected by this.

  23. My knitting group here in the Austin area is wondering if there is something that we can do to help. You know how we knitters/crocheters all like to get together at times of tragedy. Do you have suggestions of items we can send your way?

  24. Been preoccupied here in Boston, but I haven’t stopped thinking about you either, Texans. I’m so sorry for the victims, the families, and the whole community.

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