Weekend Wrap-Up

Two little hanks

Two little hanks

Despite the lack of running around like last weekend, I managed to be a super busy bee this weekend. Actually, I’m quite surprised at how much I did accomplish for us wanting to just stay home and relax.

I finished plying my yarn. It got a nice warm bath and is still drying right now. I know, that’s a long time to dry. Well, I don’t I have a niddy-noddy, and I wasn’t really thinking when I wound my yarn off the bobbin. The wound off yarn made a fairly thick hank. I’ll be waiting for this to dry for at least another day. At one point while plying, the yarn broke, and because I’m a fairly uneven spinner still, I had leftover seafoam. Solution? Rather than trying to fix one and waste the other, I made two smaller hanks. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them somewhere.

Once that was done, I couldn’t sit still. On Saturday, purely on a whim, I grabbed the only cotton in my stash and made two washcloths. I used the Leaf Lace Washcloth by Jan Eaton and made the cloths out of Fibranatura Cottonwood in a light green color. I’m happy how they turned out, though I can’t see these as being anything but decorative washcloths. The lacy holes worry me for actual use. Still, I wanted to start stash busting, and this was a good start.

Then I still couldn’t sit still, so I made hexipuffs! It’s been a really long time since I’ve made a hexipuff, over a year I think (don’t quote me on that). It didn’t take long to get back in the swing of things, although I’m still not at Tiny Owl Knits’ speed of one hexipuff per 20 minutes. I take about 30, which isn’t too bad in my opinion. I used the mini skeins I bought at MadTosh a couple months ago. I’ve found I can make 4 1/2 per mini skein. I made about 12 hexipuffs on Saturday and Sunday.

I had to quit hexipuffs on Sunday, though. I started on a yellow one and started messing up. I think my brain was resisting the repetition, so I paused and returned the needles to my sock knitting project. So, what do I do? I made one hand warmer. I have some Cascade 220 Superwash in my stash. There’s not enough for a big project, but I figured it’d be plenty for a set of hand warmers. I have one done and ready for the ends to weave in. I just couldn’t get started on a second yesterday, though.

Then (yes, there’s more!), I wound a hank of Billow up and started on a cowl. Now, Billow is a bulky yarn with a mix of merino and nylon. I don’t know if you’ve seen the weather, but Texas is about to get really warm this week. It’s not heavy cowl weather. Still, I didn’t let it stop me. I may not wear this for several more months, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

From such a productive start, I sure did end my weekend unproductively. By the end of Sunday, I was ready to just curl up in bed, no more knitting or crafting. Husband and I just curled up on the couch and hung out. For the first Monday in quite a while, I feel completely refreshed. Maybe I just needed a good knitting binge.

How was your weekend?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. You WERE busy! What is a “hexipuff?” Picture, please! 🙂 My weekend was busy, but multi-faceted. I did make much progress tatting evenings. We ran store errands, then hiked. Finished e-filing taxes. Majorly cleaned the chicken coop, including me shoveling the “floor” out to put on the garden. Made my 3 loaves of bread. Finished last night with my Strawberry Shortcake, I made the shortcake and whipped the cream myself! Boy, is my body sore! But I LIVED this weekend!

  2. Congrats on a very productive weekend, did you sleep at all? In terms of your hand spun, I found that by unwinding them from the hank, so its one long loop, and then hanging them to dry ( you can add some weight with other hangers, or spray bottles) it seems to dry faster.

  3. my weekend included looking at my knitting, still being overwhelmed, and spending a lot of time with my hubby and son. sounds like you got a great deal accomplished though. thats great.

  4. Goodness I am exhausted reading all your activity! It reminds me that I have the pattern for the Hexipuff throw but have not started it yet..another one on the list.

  5. These blues. love. Thanks for liking my navy post yesterday. Those woolen mills are awesome. I have toured them. To have a bathroom full of those wash cloths the link went to would be close to heaven.

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