DFW Fiber Fest 2013

Oh, yarn!

Oh, yarn!

After a kind of roller coaster week, I had my sights set on Saturday. Oh what a fun time we had, too!

My parents, husband, and I attended DFW Fiber Fest on Saturday morning. This was my parents very first fiber fest and only my second. I think mom was a little overwhelmed. The extent of our yarn shopping typically is a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Suddenly we’re in a large room filled with people, yarn, tools, and fiber.


I went with a plan, a very clear plan. I wanted to buy spinning fiber, sock yarn, and maybe another drop spindle. Then we went into one of the side rooms, where a woman was letting people try her spinning wheel (you could try them all over, but this was the first one that caught my eye). My mom told her that I really ought to try the wheel, if she’d let me. I’ve only been talking about getting one for a while (technically I’ve wanted one since I was a kid). I don’t normally need my mom to get me to try new things, but I think she knew I would’ve just admired this time.

That was it. I sat down and the woman (I believe it was Natasha from Gritty Knits) showed me how to hold my hands. Far from perfect, I did get the hang of the movements. I was hooked! I still am hooked! I keep thinking about how awkward the double treadle felt, but how much I loved it anyway. I can just imagine setting up a spinning wheel and getting lost in it. It was magical. Now I know I have to get one someday.

My first yarn from a spinning wheel.

My first yarn from a spinning wheel!

The problem is this completely shaped how I shopped. I like to do a round of browsing and then go buy my stuff. The stop at the spinning wheel was at the end of the browsing. Well, when we got started shopping, I only bought spinning fiber. Oh, and a cute magnet!


From the top left, the rainbow color is Poppyseed. It’s 4 oz of 100% Polworth Fiber from Western Sky Knits. The bright color roving next to it is Carnivale. It’s 4 oz of 100% Falkland Wool Fiber, also from Western Sky Knits. Below is Whirligig, which is 4 oz of Superwash Merino from Gritty Knits. Then the little guy is from Jacob’s Reward Farm, I think. Ken named him Ebenezer.

I don’t have a picture of it, but my mom also bought an Alpaca/Silk blend (90% alpaca, 10% silk) from Trinity Ridge Alpacas. She sent it home with me to make her a new shawl, a smaller one this time. It’s the softest stuff, oh my. All of the loot is so soft!

After the fiber fest, we went to the British Emporium, just up the street. Ken loves going there. It’s the only place he’s found where he can get, his words, “proper” bacon. We tend to load up when we stop there. This time the loot included Crunchie bars (my personal favorite), Whatsits (cheese puffs), Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells, and a Doctor Who magnet for me.


Overall, it was a wonderful weekend! After a kind of crazy week, I needed a nice refreshing time, which was exactly what I got. Ken and I came straight back home and curled up on the couch together. Then Sunday, he went golfing and then bowling, while I relaxed and finally got some more work done on his sweater. All in all, I’m very happy and had a lovely time.

How was your weekend?

24 thoughts on “DFW Fiber Fest 2013

  1. Sounds amazing! I wish I could go as well … But it’s a little bit far from home (which again is better for my finances). 😉

    I love the fibres you bought! I recently treated myself to a bit of natural fibre … white, creme and brown and I’m really looking forward to spin it. But a burst of colour is awesome! Especially on a cold and rainy day. 😀

  2. Sounds like my sort of week end. In the craft group that I attend there are at least 3 spinners a weaver,knitters,quilters,lace maker. It is such an inspiring eclectic mix and provides my weekly dose of enthusiasm when I’m not travelling

  3. I can’t believe I lived in the Dallas area that long and never heard of the Fiber Fest! It looks amazing! I didn’t get into the spinning part of yarn and knitting the way you have, but I loved all the different varieties of yarns to knit and crochet with! The British shop is a new one on me too — I’m beginning to wonder if I lived in some sort of bubble or something when I lived in the area, lol!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I started knitting last year and love it. I can’t do anything even close to what you do, but I’m slowly learning and thoroughly enjoying it! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog and giving me a follow. I have reciprocated. You have a lovely and interesting and blog.

  6. Fiber festivals are so great – there is so much to see and most importantly touch. Glad you had a great time. Spinning wheels are very relaxing too.

  7. Sounds wonderful. I must get to one. I’ve never been, yet! I love my spinning wheel and yes, I do get ‘lost in space’ when I’m on it. Loved reading your post and travelling round with you.

  8. What beautiful colours! I went to my first unique yarn mill this weekend- I must have spent an hour just looking at everything! Can’t wait to go back, my new favourite place 🙂

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend!
    I had a lovely weekend too, went to Geneva for a friend’s 30th, they had an Asian-themed costume party, it was great fun.

  10. I had a good weekend, thank you for asking, but your’s sounds absolutely devine!!!! A weekend of fiber, oh my. Fiber Fest might be rolled into vacation next year! I want to try spinning; it looks so zen. But, I so don’t need, nor have time for, another fiber hobby. Can’t wait to see what you do with the fiber you’ve bought, which is lovely by the way.

    And I just had a bit of my English mustard from my local British Shoppe. Wish I had some “proper bacon” to go with it.

  11. LOVE fiber festivals. We have one here once a year, and they are SO much fine. Eye and hand candy for sure. Plus, my daughter loves meeting the and petting the animals. And I really want to make a magnet like that sheep knitting. So cute!!!

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