One More Day!

This week's projects

This week’s projects

Woot! There is now only one more day until the DFW Fiber Fest. I’ve been counting down the days since, well, I think since January. I’ve pinched my pennies in anticipation, and now I get to go spend some dough!

I’m really bad at spending money, to be perfectly honest. One time, while shopping for school supplies with a friend, I filled my basket with everything I thought I’d need for college that year. Then, I began to doubt what I picked up (though I had saved specifically for purpose). I proceeded to put everything back. I do this. I find something in the future and save for it. Then, when it comes time to spend the money, I start to worry. Is there something else that money should be spent on?

I do have some kind of a plan, though. I would really like some more sock yarn. I’m thinking really bright colors, maybe even neon. I’m on a neon kick lately. I’d also like some more spinning fiber and maybe another drop spindle. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m just excited to be around so much lovely yarny goodness.

The week has ticked by very slowly. I think it’s been in anticipation of the weekend. I have nearly finished the first sock for my dad. I got to the ribbing, about 3 inches up from the ankle, and then asked him how long he wanted the leg. He wants 8 inches! That will make these the tallest socks I’ve ever knit. I started to slow down after this. I’m going to need a plan moving forward.

The only other thing I’ve worked on this week is my spinning. I love it! The whole week was rather stressful, and I find I get lost much easier with the spindle. I don’t have the muscle memory to take over. I have to pay attention to what I’m doing. I still get uneven yarn, but it’s getting better. I can’t wait to ply it with my Aqua Moon! The next thing will be to decide what to make!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m now counting down the hours to Fiber Fest. Any fun plans for you this weekend?

24 thoughts on “One More Day!

  1. oooh, have fun! Give yourself a list of things you “need”, and then permission to change it all. The money can not be better spent elsewhere. I am jealous, we have no big fiber things coming up until June, I don’t think. More time to save, I know…

  2. There are two things you should never bring to an event like this. The first is more money than you can afford to spend. The second is less money than you want to spend. Of course, I’ve never had as much money as I wanted to spend. Have a great time.

  3. I hope you have a lovely time at the fibre festival. I’ve never been to one of those (yet) but I do want to go. Come back soon and show us what you bought? I do the same as you with buying, then putting back. I have a plan though. If I choose something, then put it back but still keep thinking about it, I go back and get a few days later! That way I ‘m sure that I want it. Crazy I know but it does stop impulse buying.

  4. You are so skillful and talented. You know, I tried my hand at knitting and was a colossal failure. I’m so thankful and honored that you stop by my blog and see what’s up! Crochet often seems like the unwanted stepchild… 😉

  5. I hear you RE the spending money! My favourite yarn shop has regular quarterly sales and every time I go in I end up freaking out and walking away without buying anything. Just cause its on sale doesn’t mean you need it right? Good luck at the festival!

  6. Have fun at Fibre Fest! We are finally getting some warm weather and I will be doing yard work as well as celebrating my husband’s birthday and our anniversary this weekend! 🙂
    I love the sock. The colors are so pretty. I have never tried spinning, but as I hear more and more about it from the blogs I read, I am so tempted to try!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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