J’Adore Tuesdays: A Cowl for the Spring Chill

It’s still a little chilly out there. Ok, here it’s not that chilly. It’s quite warm, actually. Indoors, though, is a whole other story. We’re entering Texas winter, where the temperatures outside rise and the ones inside drop.

A cowl is that nice little bit of extra warmth I need in the office. It can be fun, bright, and vibrant or simple and elegant. Here are some of the ones that have been catching my eye lately.

1. A Very Good Cowl Indeed by Liz Abinante


2. Oversized Cowl Infinity Scarf by Mindy Lewis


3. Dovetail Cowl by Carina Spencer


4. Deluxe Lace Seamless Cowl pattern by SweaterBabe


5. Stratosphere Cowl pattern by Kat Buckspan



15 thoughts on “J’Adore Tuesdays: A Cowl for the Spring Chill

  1. Cute. I know. I’m in Texas too, but North Texas, McKinney. I always carry a sweater, even in those 90 and 100 degree temps because it’s always freezing inside.

  2. You have assembled a really great collection of cowls – a nice short pattern book! Love your description of “Texas Winters”. Used to travel to the Dallas/Forth Worth area and I know exactly what you mean!

  3. love a good cowl! Not being in Texas, I normally don’t know about freezing inside – but our heat is out at work this week, so it is cold insoide AND out. A cowl suddenly became my go-to accessory, and as I only have two, my coworkers and I will soon be sick of them. These all look like things I should make to have on hand the next time the furnace goes out and the part has to be ordered… (From where? Is there really a place in the world that is 5 days away? I thought we were all flattened out.) Anyway… they are beautiful. And warm looking. 🙂

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