April Giveaway: Reversible Scarves, Curing the Wrong Side Blues

I love intricate colorwork, winding cables, and delicate lace. They’re gorgeous. What I don’t love is that the more often than not, the piece is not reversible. There’s a wrong side, a side that’s not meant to face the world. What happens, though, if you gift a lace shawl to a non-knitting friend? They might just wear it backwards because they don’t know which side is which. Wouldn’t it be better to just have a reversible pattern?
That’s where Audrey Knight’s (Audknits) book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues comes into play. The first thing I noticed about the book was the sheer number of patterns available. Audrey has designed 31 scarf patterns with
My favorite part of the book is the sense of knitter empowerment. In Chapter 1: Decisions, Decision, Audrey shows you how different yarn weights will affect a pattern, from sport weight to super builky. The lighter yarn makes an airy scarf, perfect for spring chills. The super bulky makes a nice, cuddly scarf, perfect for those freezing winter mornings. It all depends on what you as the knitter wants. Isn’t that wonderful?
This made me really excited. Ever since I first spotted it, I have been dying to knit her Linen Stitch to the Rescue scarf. The picture on Ravelry is simply gorgeous. The problem was I didn’t have the weight yarn the pattern called for, and I’m trying not to buy any more yarn until Fiber Fest. Reading Chapter [Insert number], it was like Audrey was patting me on the back and saying “Use what you want to use. It’s your scarf.” So that’s just what I did. I had some fingering yarn in my stash that I thought would be beautiful in linen stitch and got started.
My scarf

My scarf

I’m not terribly far into the project (I blame choosing fingering weight yarn, though I love it), but I can honestly say the pattern is easy to follow. There are basically two rows repeated the entire length of the scarf. I love the texture. One side has a smooth finish while the other has this wonderful purl texture. I know I’m going to really enjoy this scarf when all is said and done.
Audrey also sets you up for success right away. In Introduction and Techniques, she walks you through the importance of swatching even with scarves, a few methods of casting on (including for a moebius), and weaving in ends. She also includes Make It Your Own sections with additional tips and tricks.
One of the techniques that initially drew me to this book was double knitting. I’m fascinated by it, but I just haven’t tried it out yet. Audrey has a couple patterns for this technique, including the very lovely Sprouts scarf. What I like is Audrey doesn’t come at double knitting like it’s going to be a struggle for her readers. She doesn’t warn you how difficult this might be; she goes right into the pattern. I also really appreciate her tips in Make It Your Own for this chapter, like choosing the right gauge and yarn.
This is definitely a book I will be keeping handy. Right now, like I said, I’m working on the Linen Stitch to the Rescue scarf. I want to try one of the double-knit scarves next. Audrey’s writing style and directions have a way of taking the intimidation out of projects and techniques. She guides her readers and knitters to success by giving them all the tools they’ll need. I recommend this book to anyone interested in expanding their knitting repertoire. And, after all, Christmas is only 268 days away. A good time to get cracking on those presents!
Signed Copy Giveaway
This is no April Fool’s Joke! One lucky reader will win an autographed copy of her book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues, which Audrey Knight graciously donated. Trust me, you want this book. It’s fantastic!
How to Enter:
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  1. Leave a comment below telling me which of the book’s designs you are most excited to make and why. To see all of the designs, check out the Ravelry Page.
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140 thoughts on “April Giveaway: Reversible Scarves, Curing the Wrong Side Blues

  1. Cables & Knots is my fav,everything is lovely.Amazing giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.

  2. I’m already following your blog! Novice knitter here but would love to make a scarf for my mom!

  3. Tumbling Blocks looks intriguing! I would love the book for my library. I’m Candlefun on Ravelry.

  4. Oh my! How anyone can read this blog post and not want to go buy the book asap? I just hcecked out those patterns and OMG! They look awesome. I am dying to try out the That’s A Wrap wrap and the cables and knots scarf. I have never done cables but I love the look. Thanks for telling me about one more book I must get =)

  5. I already (1) follow your blog, (2) posted the link to your page on FB, and would love to simple have the book, admire the patterns and eventually (3) try Knots & Cables.

  6. What a great give away! I’d love to make the Sprouts Scarf. I’ve only made a couple attempts with entarsia with…..er…..varied……success, both times were patterns I just kinda made up. It’d be great to actually follow a pattern and learn the technique properly!!

  7. I already follow your blog, and I like the linen stitch one – also, I think it sounds wonderful tohave permission to change up the patterns to match what you have for yarn, so I think I like the whole book! You can contact me on my blog at http://www.whatimuptotoday.wordpress.com if I win. I’ll try reposting there, and on facebook – it will make me learn a new skill!

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  10. WOW. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. My ravelry name is VickiAA.
    I love the linen stitch scarf and the cable one and the one on the front cover and I dare to keep looking! Sounds fab – like that you are using things from your stash – that’s my plan to.
    Thanks for visiting me recently – I’m glad you did 🙂

  11. Looking at the patterns (in alphabetical order) the first one that I just had to do is Braided Cable – I love cables but my hands don’t. But then I fell in love with Duplicity. Double knitting is so much fun. But then I saw Short and sweet. I have two people who I want to gift this to in the fall. Maybe three. So this is the pattern for now.

  12. I really like the shading and the zigzag. Both have techniques that I have not had the confidence to try yet. I would love the book, I’m sure it will help.

    I have followed you on FB, both readers, subscribed to your email and ravelry and posted everywhere!

    schwip on rav

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  14. Looks like a fascinating book – the wrong side of scarves has always been an annoying problem. Sprouts looks like an interesting project to make!

    jkmlifelearner on Ravelry

  15. I’m torn between Bold Stripes and Feather & Fan – I think the latter as I’d like to try a lace pattern.

  16. I already follow your blog – just discovered Ravelry and my username is the same as my WordPress one!

  17. I love the Cables and Knots Scarf. I’ve been obsessed with cables lately and I just think the scarf pattern is gorgeous.

    I already follow this blog and my Ravelry name is NicMags as well.

  18. I like the cover scarf, Bold Stripes. I also like to knit scarves lengthwise, which this pattern does. Reversible scarves is a great idea, and it’s always nice to try something different.

  19. Boy, it”s hard to pick just one, I love them all! But if I had to pick one I suppose it would be sprouts. I made scarfs for my boys when they were little and I didn’t know how to change colors but I accomplished the task. They were navy blue in a purl stitch with their names in red. You should have seen all the knots in the back! I would love to know how to do this and give each of my granddaughters (their daughters) one for Christmas! That would be a delightful surprise, to bring to their memory. Plus I love making gifts for the girls. I just gave one to one of them this weekend!

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