Spinning, spinning, spinning

Practice with Plying

Practice with Plying

And no knitting. Well, that’s not completely true. I have been knitting during my lunch walks, but at home, it’s been nothing but spinning.

I got bit by the spinning bug Sunday night. I just had to spin. So I pulled out my BFL in Aqua Moon from Three Waters Farm and finished the fiber. I was going to try Navajo plying it to keep the colors, but I’m just not sure yet. I ordered another BFL from them on Monday in the colorway Seafoam. On screen, it looks like a nice complement for the Aqua Moon, which isn’t available anymore. I think I’m going to try plying those together.

Before I tried that, I wanted to get a little plying practice. When I ordered my second drop-spindle, a bottom whorl this time, I received a small amount of yellow fiber. I spun that up Monday night and then plied it with some of the Merino/Bamboo/Silk blend I had on hand. (Long story, but I started spinning the MBS and then quit because it was too difficult. Because I don’t like wasting anything, I kept my failed spin anyway). The two-ply was actually quite easy! I don’t know what I’ll use such a small amount of yarn for, but I like how it turned out!


Merino/Bamboo/Silk Blend

Since finishing that, I’ve started spinning the MBS again. It’s just so soft! The one thing I’m not hugely excited about is fluff gets everywhere. Little hairs will fly into the air while I’m spinning. It gets on my clothes, hands, and worst of all, on my face. I have to periodically pause and get rid of loose fiber bits. Still, it’s soft. Because it’s still natural fiber, I’m going to try dyeing it when I’m all done. The different kinds of fiber in the mix should take up the dye differently, giving an interesting look. I’m excited to see what turns out!

I’m a little addicted. Can you tell? It’s also true I’m playing too much with Instagram (hence the oddly outlined and dark photos)!

24 thoughts on “Spinning, spinning, spinning

  1. I love plying! It’s my favorite part of the spinning process. I’ve just started plying the last singles of my big sweater project. Blog post to follow soon. What fun.

  2. I am also impressed you can walk and knit at the same time, I would love to learn to spin sometime. I have just recently fallen back in love with wool through my needle felting , especially merino its so soft and I would love to knit something using this. Future project I think I’ve kept a note of your starting points, thank you.

  3. Your plying looks great! I saw you mention the spinning class on Craftsy- i purchased it about 1 1/2 weeks ago and love it! Such a great class and Felicia is awesome!

  4. I’ve figured out how to crochet and walk at the same time, but only around the house, otherwise I’d bump into something! Perhaps you should put up a blog post with instructions on how you do it and start a world wide trend!

  5. Your yarn looks great! I just started spinning with a top whorl drop spindle and my yarn is pretty uneven. I jumped straight into plying to try it out and now I have a very small ball of very thick yarn. It was fun though! Thanks for your posts on spinning- they’re really helpful and they make me want to buy some more fiber!

  6. Spinning is my passion – welcome to the group. I love fiber and am now addicted to Russian Spindles. They are great for spinning fine laceweight yarns.

  7. I am not a knitter, but I am a fellow spinner! I usually get a break from crochet hat orders in the spring so I can spin. I recently switched gears to crochet design and selling patterns. Even though I’m busy with that, I NEED to get the spindle out. Thanks for the great post:)

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