J’Adore Tuesdays: Revolution

This is going to be really cheesy, but I really do enjoy this show. Now I have my Tuesday knitting show back! Have you checked out Revolution? The show technically airs on Mondays on NBC, but we get our shows through Hulu, so I watch everything a day later.

PS: There’s another giveaway coming soon! Keep an eye out!

15 thoughts on “J’Adore Tuesdays: Revolution

  1. I haven’t watched this one but I am going to check it out now. I am looking forward to 2 new shows starting up again. One is brand new called defiance and the other started last year called continuum.

  2. I’ve just started watching season 1 because it was repeated here. I’m glad we taped 10 episodes before we started watching because we ended up watching it all in 2 nights. It hooks you in.

  3. I have been following Revolution since it started. I also DVR it. The whole concept of this show almost scares me. Makes you think about the evil that is in people’s minds.

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