Weekend Wrap-Up: Oh Monday

Next stop, plying!

Next stop, plying!

Is it really Monday already? What happened to the weekend? I feel like I blinked and it was just gone!

I think that’s how it is every Monday. I love my job and the people I work with, but I’m always a little extra tired on Mondays. This weekend, in particular, was run run run! First I went with my husband golfing. I should clarify, he golfed. I carried the bag the entire course. According to him, the weight of the bag is slightly less than what I’ve lost so far in weight so far this year. If that’s true, I don’t know how I was moving. By the end 4 hours later, my shoulders and core ached and I was ready to just collapse into bed.

Then, we went to the play 39 Steps. Ken and I had seen that in London at Piccadilly Circus a few years ago. It was our favorite play that we saw, so we figured we’d go again. It was so much fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. All in all, it was a pleasant, but tiring day. I thought we’d rest yesterday, but we were running around again doing errands.

Most of my knitting plans went out the window with how busy we were. I did finish the first of Ken’s new socks. I love how it’s turned out so far! I knit a bit during the play, until I ran out of yarn. What surprised me, though, was yesterday, I just wanted to spin. I haven’t felt the need to spin in a while, but yesterday, that’s all I wanted to do.

Ken left for bowling at about 4:45 pm yesterday. Before he left, I pulled out the spindle and got started. Suddenly, I’m getting a text asking what I want for dinner because he’s on his way home. I had been spinning for nearly 4 hours! I hadn’t even realized time had passed so quickly. I was just enjoying the work, fixing the fiber when it broke or threatened to break, trying my best to keep things even. It’s not even, but I’m still really happy.

By the time I was ready for bed, I had finished spinning all my fiber! I want to say I started spinning this particular roving in November, maybe earlier yet. It’s BFL wool top roving in Aqua Moon by Three Waters Farm. I love how soft the fiber is. I can’t wait to knit with it! First, though, I have to figure out how to ply it. That’s today’s research.

Have you tried spinning before? Any tips on plying? What fiber or vendor should I try next? I’ve only used Three Waters Farm, and while I love their fluff, I’m interested in trying others out too!

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  1. Your fiber looks beautiful! I just recently started spinning my own yarn and I have yet to ply it (I tend to spin my roving a little thickly, the drafting process is an on-going learning process). Do you find that spinning your fiber thinly and then plying it makes a better yarn?

    • This will be my first attempt at plying, so I’ll let you know. I’m still trying to get my fiber to be even. My first was super bulky, then thread, then worsted, all in a couple of inches. This is like thread then fingering. Apparently plying can help even inconsistencies out a bit, so I’m hoping it helps.

  2. I have never tried spinning before. It intrigues me, especially since I worked for a yarn company, but I’m afraid to take anything else on at this point!

  3. I’m new to spinning and I spin on a Schacht Sidekick. My best advice would be to get really good at doing 2 ply first. Then maybe go into Navajo plying. I have yet to try Navajo plying. Your spinning looks great by the way! It’s taking me a while to figure out the sweet spot on my machine to spin really thin but I’m getting there… I just bought a DVD about spinning called Start Spinning by Maggie Casey and Eunny Jang. I bought it yesterday so I hope to watch it today or tomorrow. Also some good books would be Spin Control by Amy King and Get Spun by Simeon North which show different spinning and plying techniques. As for fiber, I love Three Waters Farm and recently discovered Hanks in the Hood on Etsy. I just ordered some from both that should be delivered today. Good luck!

  4. Hi! Lovely yarn – do you use a spindle or a wheel? Anyway the book that I have that’s really clear is Teach Yourself Visually to Spin and she covers everything for us newbies. I also don’t get up with an enormous need to spin every day but I’m hoping the better I get the more I’ll do it.

    • I have a drop-spindle, though I’m really dreaming of a wheel. I’ve wanted one since I was a little girl. I blame Rumplestiltskin.

      I’ll have to check out this book! I’m very new and can use all the help I can get.

  5. Beautifully done! I didn’t know there was any such thing as spinning your own fibers. O_o As far as the weekend flying by goes, I completely agree with you. I am dreading going back in to work today. I say we go back to bed, drag the covers over our heads, and pretend like it’s Saturday again.

  6. I know what you mean about weekends. Even though I’ve retired, I still always have a little weekend “hangover” on Monday mornings, old habits are hard to break and I still have a tendency to try to get everything accomplished in a day, which is totally unnecessary. Love the blue. Thanks for the read!

  7. I’ve been spinning for about four years, the first two on a spindle. It is well worth splitting your single ply into two balls, then winding them together into one plying ball before plying. Trust me, you’ll have tangles otherwise. If you know the weight before spinning you can weigh the first ball until it’s half the weight of the fibre, then wind the second ball. Also remember that, because you ply in the opposite direction from the way you spun it, it will loosen up. Start with slightly overspun singles. And have fun! It’s all a big experiment. I love my handspun!

  8. What a fabulous colour! It really made my Monday less Monday-ish. I didn’t want to go back to work today either, especially as the rest of family’s term ended last week and I have another 4 days to go…….. 😦 Roll on the Easter holidays!

  9. Wow, your yarn looks nice, I’m jealous! As you know, I’m new to spinning, but the theory says that to ply you have to turn the spindle in the opposite direction.

    Really looking forward to your results 😀

  10. Love the single so far! I’m a fairly new spindle user myself. I was lucky enough to get to sit in on a spinning guild meeting and get some tips a while back. One of the ladies told me when it came time to ply, wrap your single on two left over toilet paper rolls (half and half). Then, stick a pair of old knitting needles width wise through a shoe box, with the rolls of singles one on each. This gives you a sort of make shift Lazy Kate. Then I just took an end from each, and spun them onto my spindle in the OPPOSITE direction that I’d spun them before. Worked out beautifully! Good luck with yours, I’m sure it will turn out beautiful 🙂

  11. I have inherited this beautiful, and seemingly high-quality, spinning wheel but have yet to learn how to spin. One of these days I’ll get to it! Until then I’ll just watch you do it. 🙂

  12. Love it!!! I really want to learn how to spin. It looks so relaxing and therapeutic, not to mention it would connect me so much more to my knitting yarn. If only there were more hours in a day… or a weekend… or if I didn’t have to work and could live on a farm and raise cashmere goats and spin and knit all day long. 🙂

    • That would be a dream! I really like spinning, though I’m not good at it yet. There’s something about connecting with yarn for a little longer that’s so much fun.

  13. I had the opportunity to use an actual spinning wheel once in my life and I loved it.. it felt so natural! I’d love to get my own drop spindle at some point to make my own yarns too. Isn’t that the ultimate DIY? Congrats on your own endeavors. You made a beautiful yarn! 🙂

  14. your spinning is gorgeous! I buy most of my fiber from Fat Cat Knits (.com) and Mad Coor Fiber Arts (.com). No advice on plying, I’m afraid–I have yet to get to that step myself. 🙂

  15. I myself can’t believe that the weekend passed in such a blur. You have inspired me to want to crochet…unfortunately I am drowning in sewing projects right now.

  16. I’ve never spun before but I’m saving up to buy a drop spindle and some fluff to have a go. I have already signed up for a Crafty class in drop spindling which hopefully will help me get the basics. I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve heard people say good things about Into The Whirled fibre which I’m hoping to try myself one day!

  17. I do find this exciting – I’m just waiting for my spindle to arrive. I’m glad I’ve found you! As for plying, I watched a YouTube video involving chain plying, which is the only kind I’ve come across so far.

  18. Wow, you spin your own yarn! I’m impressed! 🙂 I love the variegated colour.
    Ah you were a caddy for the weekend! Maybe you should offer him a little trolley to pull around his golf bag for his birthday? My Dad uses one since he has had back and heart problems and it is great.

  19. I have no tips but I did blog about my first time spinning yarn just a couple of days ago! Your yarn is so much neater than mine. Mine is pretty chunky and uneven. I think I need to work on that! HAHAHA I used a YouTube video to get the hang of it, did you use any videos or web resources?

    • I used the tutorial video on Knit Picks and a class on Craftsy. You should see my first! I have extra super bulky and then oh-my-gosh-it’s-gonna-break thread size. I get a kick out of it.

      • Yeah, its pretty comical the first few times, but yet so addictive! I’ll have to check out those videos. Anything will help at this point! 😉

  20. I’ve been hit with the urge to spindle as well! I’ve used the makeshift shoe box lazy kate method for plying and it works. I really enjoyed the plying process because it felt like the fibers really became yarn then.

  21. The fibre is such a pretty colour and your spinning is fine! It’s hard to spin fine yarn, I think? I think you should charge your husband for carrying his bag round the golf course and then you can go and buy some more fibre?

  22. You seem really professional. I am inspired. But only to maybe get one of those small knitting cork things. It’s a start, right?

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