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I’m not sure where the time went on this piece! I started the first weekend of March. By the time I looked down on Sunday, I was nearing the end.

I originally intended to work on the Bosc Scarf by Robin Ulrich at work during my lunch hour. At the same time, I started teaching a coworker how to knit. Turns out, it’s a lot easier to teach someone to knit if I’m just plain knitting beside her. Then, she can watch my movements. So, for that I’ve cast on a very basic garter shawl to work on during work and on my walks.

Anyway, the scarf! I love how the scarf turned out. This is the first scarf I have ever knit. Oh, sure, I did the obligatory practice knitting piece way back when, but it never reached scarf length, and I quickly threw it away.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow. I like that it comes in both chart form and written form, so you can choose the method that works best for you. After that, there are basically 20 rows you repeat for the length of the scarf. The final product, particularly the picture on the pattern page, looks very complicated, but I’m happy to report that it’s not.

I recommend this pattern for people who want to get into lace knitting and basic cabling. If you can SSK (slip slip knit), K2TOG (knit two together), YO (yarn over, and do a basic cable, you’re good for business. Even if you can’t, those are not difficult movements to learn (hit up YouTube if you need help). By the end of it, you’ll have down the basic lace techniques, and you’ll have mastered a small cable.

I love this scarf! I know, I already said that. I knit it in MadelineTosh’s Edison Bulb. It’s a DK weight. I know, the pattern calls for worsted. I tried out a lot of my worsted, and none of it worked out. So, I thought, what better than a neon yellow scarf? Well, it’s not all neon. As you can probably see in the picture, the yarn is not one solid color, which I kind of enjoy. It jumps around from really bright to soft.

If you’re working on this project, too, share your progress at the For the Knit of It Ravelry group. Or, share any WIPs or FOs you’ve got. We’d love to see them!

55 thoughts on “FO: Bosc Scarf

  1. Your scarf turned out beautiful! I would have thought it was quite complicated Just looking at the picture. Thanks for letting us know it is not–think i may give it a go!

  2. Love this color, is it a chartreuse? I have seen this color every where so trendy. Unfortunately it makes me look like a zombie. I bet it will look great on you!

    • I have sold a couple things for the cost of supplies only, or shipping if I’m sending it to someone. Knitting is still so much fun that I figure my profit is the joy of creation. 🙂

      • Ok, thanks for getting back to me. If you ever do set up shop online, I’m sure many of us would like to know about it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing all these wonderful creations and tutorials. They’re truly helpful. I’m on spring break this week so I’m looking forward to watching some of your beginning guide to knitting videos. Wish me luck!;) Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  3. Ok, I’m officially jealous! That is gorgeous! I have my yarn but just finished my shawl last night.. I love this and will be doing it next! Beautiful! 🙂

  4. I love the colour! I’ve been trying to search out something in such a vibrant yellow so I’ll need to see if anywhere near me stocks this.

    • I got this at MadTosh in Fort Worth, but MadelineTosh is available many places and I think they’ve got it in their online store too. I love their colors!

  5. It is so pretty! I adore yellow and cables. I hav not yet tackled a cable knit, but you make it seem easy. I may just bite the bullet and try my hand at it. If not I can always just pop over here and drool over yours =) Thanks for the inspiration!

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