Ready for the Weekend

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

Oy vey, am I ready for the weekend, or what! It’s been a long and stressful week, and I’m definitely all set for some relaxation. If only I knew where to find some.

I’m finally getting to the details on Super Why. I had some issues with the legs. I followed the pattern, but the legs seemed freakishly long. I wasn’t fond of them. So, with great trepidation, I cut the knitting down to the height I wanted, picked up the stitches so I could make a clean cast-off, and sewed the legs on. I’m a little happier, but the legs are on crooked. I’m not a sewer. It’s times like these that I honestly wish I was.

Now, I need to sew on some hair, knit up and attach a cape, figure out how to do the tennis shoes and embellish them, and try to do the little symbol on his chest. I was going to make the other things Super Why holds, a question mark thingy and I think a toothbrush (no idea; I’m not really around kids young enough to know), but I think I’ve decided to pass on that. I’m thinking just the super hero by himself should be good.

I really wanted to complete the little guy by mid-week at the latest, but plans just didn’t work out. I’m not excessively behind schedule yet, which is good. I just really need to get cracking. There was no working on it last night since that’s gym night with a friend (I get home and just about go straight to bed), but tonight that’s all I’m working on. Then, on to the mermaid!

I’m finding that I do enjoy knitting toys. I just don’t enjoy assembling them. I’ve learned the mattress stitch, but I’m so far from mastering it. I don’t see how people get seamless looks. I might as well just stitch willy-nilly. I suppose, like with everything, I’ll get better at it with practice. After all, while I can do the kitchener stitch with no problem now, I messed up really badly very often in the beginning.

Ooh! I almost forgot. I have something to share with you! I was on Ravelry the other day, and I came across a pattern giveaway!

TheSexyKnitter (aka Sarah Wilson) is giving away free patterns. Here are the details from the Ravelry post:

“Now through March 16, queue or favorite any five patterns from this list and I will randomly gift you one of the five, absolutely FREE! Just shoot me a PM with a list of the five patterns you chose – that’s it! Since everyone’s a winner, telling your friends about the event is highly encouraged. PM your Rav friends, share this link on Twitter, Facebook or your blogs…the more, the merrier! 🙂

Have fun!

ETA: Only new faves & queues will qualify you for a free pattern; I know many of you already have some of these marked, and I appreciate that! The purpose of this giveaway is to bring some new attention to these patterns. Mwah!”

I participated and received Pelotonner, which is a gorgeous sweater. I look forward to making it one of these days. Check her out! She is a very talented designer.

Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend

  1. That just looks so hard to me! I could never learn to knit or crochet anything. For some reason, my hand eye coordination just wouldn’t work! lol I do cross stitch and needlepoint but that’s about it 😦 Nice work though!

  2. Great progress, I can relate to the sewing up details, but I also agree that it will get better with time. In terms of shoes, I know that some people prefer doing crochet, but I can crochet beyond a chain edging so take with a grain of salt. Keep up the great work.

  3. It looks great. I crochet but my knitting skills are essentially nonexistent. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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  5. Very cute toy! I also have trouble with the sewing part of toys; the sewn stitches are usually messy, but are usually in places that are easily concealable. Love that you shared about the giveaway as well 🙂

  6. Thanks for the info about the giveaway. I got the Martimers socks!

    As for SuperWhy – good call on the wand. He doesn’t need it. (My kids do watch it. Oy vey.)

  7. I always thought toy knitting fantastic. Growing up my favorite toy was knitted. Love to know people still do this. Very, very cool….

  8. I don’t sew either, every time I think I might give it a try, it seems so complicated and fiddly and I decide to stick to knitting. Oh, I hate the mattress stitch with a passion, too. Thanks for the read.

  9. Man I remember Having a doll made like this. While I was reading your post I had to laugh. All the different terminology we use in our different crafts. Personally I find knitting the enigma of all enigmas.
    Peace…cool work bench too..

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