March KAL: Bosc Scarf Part 1

Starting Out

Starting Out

My first KAL! Even though I gave almost no heads-up, I’m really excited that a few of you are joining me in a KAL (sorry about that! I’ll do better next time!). I don’t know all the rules or regulations associated to these, so I’m playing it by ear. At least it’s not a mystery KAL. I’m a terrible secret keeper.

The picture above is an old one at this point. I posted it on Facebook over the weekend. Since then, I’ve completed 2 repeats of the main section and am working on the 3rd, so it’s a little bit longer. I absolutely love how it’s turning out.

The yarn is my Edison Bulb from MadelineTosh. It took a while to settle on the yarn to use. At first I tried my Malabrigo worsted weight in pollen. It’s a beautiful yarn, but I wasn’t getting the stitch definition I wanted. I tried a couple different sized needles, but nothing. I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I tried my Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool, which is labelled bulky but isn’t that bulky. I wasn’t crazy about the color for this project. For some reason, I knew this scarf had to be bright and colorful!

Then, I tried my Edison Bulb, which is DK weight. I know, the pattern calls for worsted, but I really wanted to use up some of my stash. This was the only yarn I had enough of to complete the scarf, and I love the color. There’s something fun about a neon yellow scarf. So far, the yarn is working out great. The stitch definition is gorgeous. Although, there is a major flaw. Sometimes, in certain lighting, I can’t lay out the work and see how it’s going. The yarn is just too bright! I find I really see it when I take a picture and then look (silly, right?).

What surprised me is how easy the pattern is. When you look at the picture on the pattern’s page, the scarf looks so intricate. It doesn’t look like it should be an easy pattern, but it really is! If you can do the knit stitch, purl stitch, yarnovers, k2tog, ssk, and a basic cable (I mean, really basic), you can handle this pattern, no problem. Even if you can’t, these are all fairly easy techniques to learn. I recommend this pattern to anyone even just starting out with cables or lace. It’s a pretty good introduction, and in the end, you’ll have a beautiful piece to show off.

20 thoughts on “March KAL: Bosc Scarf Part 1

  1. This is looking lovely can’t wait to see it finished!
    And completely agree with your colour choice! I Love it too. Yellow is such a happy and inspiring colour.

  2. You knit really fast! I just got started yesterday and I ripped it out 4 times but it is working now. I made a simple lace hat for my sister but never cables so this will be fun to do. I knit pretty slowly though so it may be a while before I am finished. I do agree with you that it is an easy pattern and I think anyone could do this. I put markers between the repeats and that helped a lot.


      • I tried it first without and found there were so many changes. On the fourth go I realized I also needed post-its on the pattern to keep me form doing half of it right and then finding I was on a row below… and learn I guess. If you hadn’t “liked” my blog, I never would have found yours and read about this so thank you!!

  3. It’s going to be gorgeous, I haven’t knitted anything like this for so long that I’ve forgotten how it feels to have the pattern come together and take shape like this. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  4. Your scarf looks amazing! The color is awesome. I started mine the other day and have had to pull it apart quite a few times already. I’m hoping I finally got it right this time though.

  5. Ok…a newb to the term KAL. I know it means knitters doing the same project together….collective knitting consciousness…..but what does it actually stand for? I made a hat with a similar pattern just recently. After several tear-outs I found placing markers to be the trick for me. I’m very ADD. 😛 Very pretty!!!

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