FO: Well, NFO

Nearly done!

Nearly done!

The Milk Run Shawl is officially off my needles! I finished it Wednesday during my lunch break. I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out so far. Now there’s only a couple steps left: dye it and then block it.

I love that feeling when I finally cast off a knitting project. Up until then, it’s just something with stitches. I focus on one row at a time, sometimes just one stitch at a time. It doesn’t hit me until I hold up the final product that I’ve actually created something. This euphoria settles over me and I just turn it over and over or put it on pre-blocked and enjoy the sensation. I made this. I love that feeling. I think it’s why I keep knitting.

As a recap, I used the Milk Run Shawl pattern by Cat Wong. The shawl is made out of Fishermen’s Wool from Lion Brand. I chose the natural color so that I would be able to dye it when all was said and done. It’s been a great project to work on. I can sit and read or watch TV or go to the movies with it because there are only two rows to repeat for most of it. I wasn’t able to be so distracted for the edging, which was a little more involved, but I still enjoyed it.
For most of the time, I was very happy with the pattern. I should clarify, too, that everything I didn’t like about the pattern was self-inflicted. I made it more difficult than it really needed to be. I was following the main Milk Run Shawl pattern, I think. That was the only problem I found with the pattern. I kept getting lost. I love having a lot of options, but I think there were almost too many. There are 3 different ruffle options and 5 different shawl patterns. I almost wish they weren’t all together in one PDF.
See, I tend to read my patterns on a computer or on my phone. I’m not real big on printing things out, mostly because it’s a hassle. We don’t have a computer desk, so to print anything, we pull out the printer and plug it into the wall, balance it on the kitty tower and hook it up to the laptop. So, when I can avoid it, I do.
I didn’t notice how lost I was getting until I got to the edging and couldn’t figure out what ruffle I was supposed to do. At first I looked at the Milk Run Shawl pattern and thought I should be doing ruffle 1. Then, I somehow got it in my head that I was actually working on the Just a Little Jaded shawl and needed to do ruffle 3. In the end, I committed to 3. I’m sure it will turn out just fine, since the whole point is mix and match.
If I do this pattern again, I will print it out, no question. That way I can keep just the pattern I’m working on separate from the others. The flipping back and forth made me lose my focus. Overall, though, I am really happy with my shawl. I can’t wait to dye it. I’ll be using a Jacquard acid dye. The only dyeing I’ve ever done has been Kool-Aid, so this should be a fun experience.
[Sorry for the repost. I posted this on Friday and then it just disappeared!]

18 thoughts on “FO: Well, NFO

  1. Looks so nice and warm! I love the ruffled edge. Thanks for liking my blog posts too by the way – much appreciated 🙂

  2. Love your writing style and the esp the description of the faff you go through to print – it sounds like my place! The knitting is very cool, but can you explain more about the kool aid dyeing? Never heard of this and it sounds interesting.

    • Sure! It’s a very fun technique, although the smell of wool and fruity flavors can be a little weird at times. About a year ago I did a post on Kool-Aid dyeing that you can check out. It explains how to do the process. I followed Knitty’s directions (got to love Knitty!). It was a lot of fun and I love how my cowl turned out afterward.

      Kool-Aid dyeing is great for bright candy colours, which I absolutely love. I haven’t tried making it more subtle yet, but I’d love to play around with it more.

  3. Firstly, this piece is beautiful, nice work! Secondly, I stopped by to say thanks for liking my blog, and imagine my delight when I saw the word knit! I’m a knitter too. 🙂 Have a great day.

      • That sounds interesting not heard of that one before. I had 2 spinning lessons on a wheel from my friend and before that did drop spindling badly for a few months. Have you looked at videos on it on Youtube though? V useful:))

  4. Gorgeous!!! I’m just getting started on the Milk Run Shawl, but can’t get past the first part where it says “do not turn work after 6th row”. How does one continue knitting if you don’t turn the work to start up the other side??? I’m a new knitter and picked this pattern because it was recommended by a friend wo thought it was pretty easy!! Sure wish that friend lived closer 🙂 Do you know of any “YouTube” videos that might address how to continue working without turning??? THANKS!!!

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