Knit-Along: Bosc Scarf


One person commented yesterday that the Bosc scarf by Robin Ulrich, featured in the J’Adore Tuesdays post, would make a great KAL project. From the moment I read that comment, I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

So, I’d like to do it! I would like to have a KAL with the Bosc Scarf for the month of March. Anyone interested in joining?

The pattern calls for about 500 yards of worsted weight, or 10 ply, yarn. I easily have that in my stash. I seem to just collect worsted weight yarn. From the description, I see that the pattern is also adjustable, so if you want to make it shorter or longer, you can do that.

So that we can share our progress with each other, I’ve set up a Ravelry Group for For The Knit of It, and there’s a Facebook Page. Post pictures, leave comments, and just chat in general. I’d love to see how everyone’s projects are turning out (even if you’re not doing the KAL).

The Bosc KAL will start March 1st, which is this Friday, and will run until March 31st. I’m excited! I’ve never done a KAL before.

Oh, and also, Sandy of LiveLoveLake will be hosting a KAL a little later. She’s currently looking for votes between two different cowls to do. I recommend checking out her blog!

23 thoughts on “Knit-Along: Bosc Scarf

  1. oh, i’d love to but I have two many projects going on as it is (2 of them scarves – also the theme of this coming Friday’s post!). Would LOVE to join you next time tho … enjoy 🙂

  2. Hi… I would definitely like to try this. I downloaded the pattern and will hopefully start it next week. I just have a blanket I need to finish up before I can start on something new.

  3. That scarf is beautiful! Just from the picture I knew I wanted to make one, without even reading the post. I would love to join the KAL!

  4. Hi! This scarf is gorgeous! I have a question unrelated to this post….How do you add buttons to your blog? (Pinterest button, Ravelry button, etc.) I’d love to add some to mine! Also, I’m following you back & your projects are lovely! 🙂

    • I had to do two different things for both buttons. I probably did it the hard way, but here’s how:

      Both cases, I added them in the Appearance – Widgets section.


      I used one of the “Follow Button for Websites.” It’ll give you a URL.
      In WordPress, I added the “Text” widget into the Sidebar. I then pasted the URL into the box and hit save.

      (There are more options in the Goodies section
      I copied the URL of the icon I wanted. In WordPress, I added the “Image” widget to the Sidebar.
      I pasted the icon’s URL in the “Image URL” section. Then to link to my account, I pasted my Ravelry account’s URL into the “Link URL (when the image is clicked) section.”

      There are probably way easier ways, but I hope this helps! 🙂

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  6. I’m so glad you picked this one! I’m looking through my worsted to see if I have something I can use! I can’t wait! Thanks so much for mentioning my KAL also! I’m going to start mine at the end of March so hopefully everyone can join both!

  7. Hi – thanks for popping by at KnitNell. I love this scarf – haven’t seen the pattern before. It looks v. involved! I can’t join in on the KAL as busy with paintings this month but I would be interested in seeing it evolve. Do put up some pics halfway through. KN

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