J’Adore Tuesdays: Scarves

I’ve been cold both in the office and on my walk home lately. While we’re still just in the 30s and 40s around here, the wind hasn’t been that nice. I also haven’t been dressing for the weather, forgetting my hat, coat, and scarf.

I have plenty of scarves, even though they haven’t made it out this winter yet. I love scarves. In London, I would buy them in Camden or at other street markets all the time. They were affordable enough, often at £5! It got to the point that my husband (then boyfriend) and my mom joined forces and banned me from buying more.

Still, I’ve got scarves on my mind. A scarf is a traditional first project for knitters, but I want something a little fancier. Here are some of the scarves I’ve had my eye on lately.

1. Bosc Scarf pattern by Robin Ulrich




2. Kaata Hat & Scarf pattern by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence



3. Bo Peep Scarf pattern by tiny owl knits




4. Sparrow Scarf pattern by Brian smith




5. Gyllis Pattern by Stephen West


9 thoughts on “J’Adore Tuesdays: Scarves

  1. I’m a second generation scarf collector. Even a light silk scarf will keep your throat warm…I scold my choir if they don’t wear one to practice! Even the men, many of whom have such handsome wool ones. I’d love to have more knitted ones but I don’t knit…yet.

  2. What?? You can actually have too many scarves?? I like the Bosc Scarf, the Sparrow and Gyllis! I am also a fan of patterned and lacy scarves! Stay warm! We have ice in Ohio today!

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