The Minion!

All pink!

All pink!

I’ve been waiting to post about the minion until I knew he was given away. So without further ado, here she is!

Sorry about the messy picture. I almost forgot to snap a photo before giving her away.

I used Loops & Threads’ Charisma. I don’t have the labels in front of me, but you can tell by the picture that I used pink and yellow. For the boots, I used Loops & Threads Impeccable, two strands held together. The project was a mixture of crochet and knitting. Mostly, the goggles, the overall straps, and the boots are the only things crochet. I did learn that if you’re a beginner at crochet, making boots out of black yarn isn’t the greatest idea.

I’m happy with how the minion turned out. Most importantly, the woman I made it for was really happy with it.

Today marks the first day of Lent. Despite my dad being a Lutheran preacher, I usually don’t keep Lent, though I do celebrate Easter. I once joked that I had given up giving up for Lent. Well, this year is a bit different. I’ve been through a lot the past few months, more than I ever wanted to, so I think I’m going to try giving something up. Or rather, somethings. I’m giving up processed sugar and Diet Coke. Anyone who knows me knows that’s going to be extremely difficult, but I suppose that’s the point. If it was easy, I wouldn’t learn anything.

Also, today marks day 2 of week 2 for Couch to 5K! It’s been tough, but I’m slowly feeling stronger. My husband has been a wonderful sport, getting up at 5:30/6:00 to go jogging with me at 6:30. I’m pretty sure he’d rather be asleep. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate, particularly as we’re getting to 13 weeks until Color Me Rad – Fort Worth. I really want to be able to jog the whole thing, not walk, so it’s important to me that we finish the Couch to 5K plan.

I also have a lot of knitting to do! My schedule is packed until April. Hopefully I’ll still get to work on Ken’s sweater and my shawl. (Secretly, I love that I’m this busy.)

How are your projects going?

77 thoughts on “The Minion!

  1. Are you going to make any more of these??? I am in love!

    I am also giving up diet coke for lent and hope it will finally stick. The more I read about the effects of soda in the body I realize I am doing myself a disservice. As far as processed sugar goes, what are you giving up exactly? Refined white sugar? White flour? Or carbohydrates in general?

    • I am! My mom wants a French maid one like from Despicable Me 2’s trailer, so I’m working on that now.

      I think I mean (haven’t fully defined it myself yet) cutting out refined white sugar, particularly in sweets. I’m a sugarholic.

      • If you sell these let me know off line. And good luck with lent! It’s amazing how after a while you just don’t think about it. Plus 40 days is the perfect length of time to create/break habits.

  2. I love your blog. I wish you luck on all your projects, especially giving up Soda Pop and the running. I am working on ‘giving up’ Diet Pepsi. I have drastically cut it down.

  3. So cute! The only frustrating thing about running as a way to spend time is that it takes away from knitting time. I always with there was a way to do both and not get seriously injured!

  4. I love your little minion! I am new to your blog and loving it! What is the story behind the minion? Do you make up the patterns for them? They are darling!
    Good luck on the couch to 5K. I have never run in my life, but I am a swimmer.. so hopefully that burns some calories! Have a great day!

  5. Have to say that I had never heard of Minions before looking in on your thread – still not quite sure what they’re about but your knitted one is so gorgeous. Good luck on your 5K and giving up the processed sugar and diet soda.

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  7. I love the Minions! Do you have a pattern or is it just improvised? Also, have you ever tried I-cords? An I-cord would be another good way to do straps and goggles, and is quite simple, and just plain neat to watch as it forms.

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