Weekend Wrap-Up: I can haz more yarn?


Owl Hat

My yarn collection is getting out of hand. I’m not quite to boxes filled with yarn, but I’m working my way there. In my defense, the last additions can be blamed on that hat above. A friend requested I make her an owl hat. Most of the patterns I found on Ravelry were crochet. All very cute, but I’m not good at crochet and I had a tight deadline. The hat is Toddler & Child’s Hat pattern by Regina Casner. The eyes come from Crochet Owl Hats pattern by Sarah Zimmerman. The other details were improvised.

What a busy week! My husband and I went to DFW for his appointment on Wednesday and stopped by the British Emporium. True geek, I got a TARDIS mug. When filled with hot liquid, the TARDIS vanishes from the street and reappears in space. On top of that, we got Kendal Mint Cake, one of my favorites from England, and what Ken calls real bacon.

I also managed to sneak in a lot of time with my shawl. I knit all the way to DFW, while we drove around, and then home. The problem I’ve run into is I’m out of yarn. What? Yep. I need more yarn! Since it’s Fisherman’s Wool, I’m not too worried about getting more. At least I don’t have to match dye lots.

Speaking of more yarn …

My knitting list has gone from nearly empty to booked solid until April. The friend who wanted the minion wants 3 more knits. I’m really excited about this! At least 2 of those will be knit toys. On top of that, mom loved the minion so much that she wants one for her birthday. She wants a French maid one based like from the sequel’s trailer. I’m not great with sewing yet, so I’m going to experiment with “afterthought” arms and legs. We’ll see how it goes! I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I tend to learn the hard way.

How was your weekend?

33 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: I can haz more yarn?

    • I’ll keep that in mind. I know, like everything, it just takes practice. I’m not great at knitting yet, but I’m doing a whole lot better than last year. The same should apply to crochet.

      • Absolutely! I have the opposite problem… I learned crochet first and I’m a slow knitter. I’ve also managed to accumulate lots of miscellaneous yarn, but you never know when it’ll come in handy 😀

  1. I had a….snowy weekend. There was a driving ban in Mass and we said….”Eff you driving ban!” and we (family of four) drove to Mass from VT to the Butterfly Museum/Conservatory. It was great. Since there was a Ban we were the only ones there.
    Also..I may kill one of my cats if she pee’s on the kitchen carpet again.
    I want to see the shawl!

  2. Ahhh yes real bacon. The whole idea behind our bacon is that we put meat on it! 😉
    My mum found a company in NY that actually cuts real bacon, now we don’t have to have it imported. I will try not make this in to a bacon thread! The Owl really was the thing that caught my eye love love. And I need yours or anyone’s “out of control yarn boxes”. No really send them to…..

  3. What a delightful hat, the owl face is so cute. I have just started making crochet hats for adults and have made four so I think it is time for me to move on to something else…….

      • She moved a year ago in July. It was a shock a couple of times. Now she is in a house instead of an apartment so visiting is a little nicer. I’ll be knitting (or crocheting) by her pool while she’s at work.

  4. The hat is super cute! You sound busy. I actually did have trouble getting matching fisherman’s wool, though; it’s not dyed, but it still has lots that can vary in color — maybe this isn’t true for the off-white color, but the brown ones? I had a lot of trouble. Hope you have better success in that department than I did!

  5. Running out of wool? Nightmare. Safe in the knowledge that is never going to happen to me, although I will probably have to keep knitting after I’m dead to use stuff up.

  6. I just had a look at the minion patterns on Ravelry that you linked to on 23 January, and they’re SO CUTE! I’d love to see your finished version! Unless you’ve already posted it somewhere? I couldn’t find it. I definitely prefer the Stephanie Jessica Lau version better =)

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