WIP: Something Simple

Milk Run Shawl WIP

Milk Run Shawl WIP

I’m obsessed with Knit Picks, if you haven’t guessed that yet. One of my favorite things about their podcast is listening to Kelley Petkun talk about her many projects. She has one for every single kind of knitting mood/situation you can imagine. I don’t think I can juggle as many as her, but I’ve been adding to my WIP pile again.

After I sent off niece’s blanket (which arrived the day before she was born!), I focused on Ken’s sweater and then the minion. Now the minion is done and all I have is the sweater. I love the sweater, don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of fun. It’s just not practical taking in the car or to the movies or to the doctor’s office. I don’t think I could manage the knitting and the pattern at the same time. I need something easy with a pattern I can easily memorise.

Enter the Milk Run Shawl by Cat Wong. The pattern is very basic, mostly done in garter stitch, which means no purling in a dark movie theater! I’m using Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool. It’s not the softest stuff, but it takes up dye like a dream. That’s right! When I’m all done, I’m going to dye my shawl. Hopefully it turns out. After all that work, I really really hope it turns out. I’m not sure what dyeing technique I’m going to use yet. I know Kool-Aid does well, but I also want this to be work appropriate. (I swear we have the coldest offices everywhere! What is with Texans having the air conditioning on in the “winter”?)

I’m not far into the pattern yet. There are basically two rows to the main body, as best as I can tell, so memorising has been a dream. Also, you may notice that crazy bright red yarn in place. It’s fastened onto the right side of the pattern. That way, in the dark theater, I can tell exactly what I’m supposed to do that row. When I took niece’s blanket with me to Les Misérables, that was an issue. I didn’t mess up, thank goodness, but it was a challenge.

Oh! And news! You may have noticed a little Thumbs Up icon in the right margin. I’ve started a Facebook page! I’m hoping to use the Facebook page as a way to have more interaction with you guys. I want to see your projects, solicit advice or give it if I can, and just have fun!

Also, and I know I mentioned this yesterday, today is the last day to sign up for the Anniversary Giveaway. The response has been overwhelming! I will announce the winners in a post tomorrow morning.

13 thoughts on “WIP: Something Simple

  1. Hmmm, I have leftover Fisherman’s wool and I’ve always loved this shawl. I’ll have to go on Ravelry and check the yardage needed. You’re an enabler!

    • That’s true. My colors run the gamut from very plain neutrals to bright colors, depending on my mood. A bright shawl would look great with neutrals and vice versa.

  2. I’m new to following your blog (I love it by the way, and thank you for reading my blog..it means a lot to a new knitter and new blogger…It gives me hope on those days I only have 2 views :p ) What does WIP mean? I agree having nice easy patterns to memorize…thats typically all I do so far. Right now I’m makeing a Smitten. We shall see how that turns out!

    • You got to start somewhere! 🙂

      WIP is work in progress. Good luck on your Smitten! I look forward to seeing it, and I love your “Bad Posture” hat. Keep up the great work!

  3. Q – Lovely shawl! Curls has been using her 40% off coupons to purchase the Fisherman’s Wool at Michaels. She’s going to dye it and make a sweater.

  4. HaHa had to giggle about “no more purling in a dark movie theatre!”
    Keeping it simple is always good.

  5. I love Fisherman’s Wool, and it does take on dyes very easily. I’ve tried the Kool-Aid method a few times, and I really like it. Nice, bright, vibrant colors – if you’ve never tried it before, I recommend adding a Tablespoon or so of vinegar to your dye bath. In my experience, it helps the dyes absorb better, resulting in a more vibrant color. Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you try.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Chunky Knit Cable Cowl. Have a great day!

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