Steady Going: An Aran for Ken


Getting there!

Before I get too far going, I just want to say congratulations to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law on the safe arrival of their new beautiful baby girl! She arrived this morning and is just gorgeous and healthy and wonderful. Unfortunately, we live an ocean away, so there will be no cuddles for us, but we can still enjoy the pictures!

Ok, sorry. I just had to! I’m really excited about her.

Anyway, onward! Part of the reason I’m behind on the minion is that I keep grabbing the sweater when I sit down to knit instead. I can’t help it! Since learning I can cable without a needle, I find I just don’t want to stop. It’s a bit tricky sometimes, and there’s still one symbol that I have no idea what it means, but I’m having a good time. This is definitely one of those process-driven projects. I’m enjoying it for the making of it probably as much (at least) as I’ll enjoy it when it’s complete.

I’ve done around 3-4 inches so far and have completed at least one repeat of each cable chart. This is starting to become like colorwork to me. With colorwork, I’m constantly in this “Oh, just one more row” mentality. Without having to hassle with cable needles, I’m in this mode again. I hadn’t even realized how much time I spent on it this weekend until I pulled it out for a picture this morning.

The sweater has to be put away for a little bit again. The minion has temporary priority. Tonight’s plan is to finish up the overalls for the minion and then make the feet and last glove. Overalls will probably happen, the last two will probably be tomorrow. With starting a workout plan, I’ve found it’s sometimes difficult to schedule in time to knit as well. The good news is that I’m just under 10 pounds down, having started 2 weeks ago. That sounds like a lot, but I swear I’m doing it the proper way – exercise and eating purely. That’s barely a fraction of what I need to lose, but it’s a start!

I have to add, thank you all so much for your book recommendations! There are some definite additions to my reading queue, although I still have to decide where to start (conundrum!). It’s not the easiest thing to come home and pick up a book after 9 hours of reading and editing, but I’ve been feeling that draw lately. I had been reading It by Stephen King this summer, but with everything that’s happened, I just haven’t been able to get back into it. There are just too many good books out there. I have a Prime Membership with Amazon, but I’ve found it’s kind of rare that they have anything that catches my eye in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and it’s very difficult to search. Oh, garumph!

What projects are you working on lately?

15 thoughts on “Steady Going: An Aran for Ken

  1. I am exactly the same way with cables, just can’t get enough of them. I really like the rustic look of the yarn you are using. This will be a beautiful sweater. I’m supposed to be knitting the plain sleeves of a sweater that is almost done, but instead I keep picking up my Orenburg lace to “knit one more row.”

  2. What a great selection of cables. It’s hard to believe you can do them all without a cable needle. I’m impressed and yes it makes my fingers itch to start something cabley…

  3. How do you cable without a needle? Do you just slip off the stitches and then pick them up and knit them when needed? I’m fearful that I’d lose the stitches…

    Your sweater/yarn/cable combo is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product! 🙂

  4. Great work with the cabling looks complicated enoug to keep the little grey cells active! and looks as if it will turn into a super sweater.

    well done with the weight loss I find keeping it off is the problem


  5. This looks fantastic! I started this sweater over a year ago and had some issues. Had to take it out and start over. I’m on row 13 right now but it just looks like jumbled mess lol

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