Minion: A Few Modifications

WIP Minion

WIP Minion

I quit on crochet! There are so many talented crocheters out there, and I am simply not one of them. Needless to say, the crochet version of the minion has been abandoned in favor of a knit one.

Out of curiosity on Saturday, I pulled up a knit minion pattern. In just one day, I completed the main body portion. It took me all week to get halfway with the crochet one. I know, practice makes crochet faster, not just crochet itself. I think my hands are just more used to knit and so I knit much faster. It was nothing! I blinked and was done (okay, slight exaggeration, but still).

I’m working on the Minions pattern by Stana D.Sortor. Because I like a lot of the details from the Despicable Me Minion by Stephanie Jessica Lau, I’m combining both patterns, in a way. I’m going to use the felt eyes and mouth from the crochet pattern as I think it looks a bit cleaner. I also like the goggles and the gloves better in the second pattern than the knit one. I had to improvise a glove pattern for the knit minion, but I think I have one that will work. Luckily these guys have only 3 fingers!

So far, I’ve got the body and one arm done. Tonight I’ll work on the second arm and glove. I should’ve done more on Monday as it was a holiday, but that black yarn is tough to work with! I’ve never worked with such a dark yarn, and it just wore my eyes out.

11 thoughts on “Minion: A Few Modifications

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by.
    I’m the complete opposite, but I totally know how you feel. Knittings awesome, and I wish I got the hang of it, but for some reason its always super slow progress for me. The knit minion looks very smooth and soft! 🙂 I love that movie.

  2. I have never been able to learn to crochet or knit. My cousins and sister learned, but I could never get it. Even as an adult I’ve failed to learn with more than one teaching method… I can crochet a chain, but it wont be very even. At this point, I’ve just accepted that I can master jewelry technique, thread a serger, or refinish cabinets but crochet ends in a pile of tangled yarn and temper for me.

  3. I am trying to teach myself crochet as I’m trying to make a vest made of crochet flowers. I watched some utube videos as I couldn’t get my head around those diagrams they have in books but I’m still not 100% ‘m making the flowers properly. I can do basic knitting, but would love to do more hand knitting. Can’t wait to see your finished minion!

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