Weekend Wrap-Up: The unraveling

Have you ever bought a sweater that you loved almost everything about? Almost. Or have you bought something online that didn’t quite fit its description? I mean from a reputable retail seller, not just an ebay seller who may or may not be specific with the description. Ok, probably everyone has had some kind of experience like this. Well, here’s a little story about mine.

I love ShopRuche. The clothes are really cute, and there’s a section for my size. I bought this cardigan vest with lovely horizontal cabling with lace details. The fabric is nice and cozy, but still drapes beautifully. The color is a light brown, almost tan, but not one solid color, which is what I really loved about the piece. I fell in love with it online. It looked perfect for work. So, I bought it.

Then it arrived. It had a hood! Nowhere in the pictures did it show a hood. I can’t wear that to work, and I’m not really a hood person in general, so it’s not that great for casual either. Consequently, it languished in my closet for months.

I was looking at it this weekend, and I still think its gorgeous. I just hate the hood. I mean, I really hate that hood. So this past Saturday, I made a decision on something I’d been pondering for a while. I decided to remove the hood. Because of its construction, the hood was easy to dismantle, and I managed to salvage the yarn. It came out in one piece, which I wrapped around my swift to allow it to relax a bit.

I have a couple choices now. I can use the yarn to create a collar (what I’m leaning toward), or I can unravel the whole thing and start from scratch, making it exactly how I want it. The plus side is that the yarn is worsted and I know it’s enough for another cardigan vest. It’d also be really fun to get to design it for myself and also practice recycling yarn from a sweater. Still, I do like it as it is.

I just need to figure out a collar. I’m not sure where to go with it, maybe a shawl collar or something like that. I have a couple other projects to conquer first, so we’ll see.

Other than that, we had a fairly laid-back weekend around here. Did you have a productive weekend?