FO: Bias Baby Blanket

Niece's Baby Blanket

Niece’s Baby Blanket

I won! I finished the project before baby niece was born. In fact, she’s still not here yet as she’s not due for a couple more weeks. That should give me just barely enough time to put the blanket in the mail to England to get to her (provided she’s not early).

I started the Bias Blanket (pattern by Jennifer Casa) on July 13th, according to my Ravelry projects notebook. A lot happened in those few months that slowed me way down, making this project last much longer than it really should have. I lost two angels in four months and my darling little Rizzle, which have made for a rough 2012. Add on top of that my flair for procrastination on the Christmas stockings, and it’s no wonder I only just now finished!

I used Simply Soft for the yarn so that the blanket would be easily washable, a must for babies. It’s only about as big as a very new baby, maybe up to one month old, but I figure it could double as a dragged around blanket or burp cloth if need be. Overall, I’m happy with it. I just wish I was better at blocking acrylic. Because of the stockinette and despite the edging, the blanket curls up whenever I try to lay it flat.

This past week I went through and decided which projects I was actually going to finish and which were lost causes. I wanted to rip out the smocked sock to redo the heel, but the yarn absolutely refused. Instead, a little kitten named Amp (one of our additions to the family) stole the sock and I haven’t seen it since. The cute pink sweater, after the latest angel last week, was just an absolute no-go, so the project was frogged and the yarn passed on to my mom. That basically leaves my husband’s sweater.

I hope you had a wonderful holidays! What projects are you working on this new year?