Wrapping Up 2012

A few of my favorite projects from 2012!

A few of my favorite projects from 2012!

The year is finally almost over! I’ve been dreaming of this since about August. I’m expecting great things from this new year. Not only is 13 my lucky number, but Pantone chose Emerald as the color of the year. Just so happens I’m a May baby, and that’s my birthstone.

I thought I’d take a moment to look back over the year. I’ve had other blogs in the past (one for cooking and one for books), but this is the first that I managed to keep up with (relatively) for a whole year. I realize I’ve been out most of December, and I’m not very consistent with my posts. That’s a to-do on next year’s resolutions list.  I’m also kind of impressed with how many projects I finished this year; not bad for my first full-fledged year of knitting. The ones in the picture above are some of my favorites, but it makes me kind of excited that it doesn’t represent all the projects.

I’ve learned a lot with my knitting, too. Considering I refused to knit anything but flat up until this year (scarves and blankets only), I’m quite pleased! I conquered knitting in the round, which is my preferred method for many projects. I’m getting the hang of colorwork. I’ve finally knit a hat that fits, thanks to giving up and starting to knit gauge swatches. One of my projects, the Flurries Newborn Hat, is even featured on the pattern’s Ravelry page.

And you guys! Oh my gosh. You have all been so helpful! Anytime I’ve had a question or conundrum, you’ve had so much advice for me. I really couldn’t have finished some of these projects without your help and expertise. I look forward to learning more from you this upcoming year, as well.

I’ll save the New Year’s Resolutions for tomorrow, once it is truly 2013 in my area. (Sydney beat us to it!) In the meantime, have a safe and fun New Years Eve!

PS: Because you guys have been so wonderful and to honor my first year of blogging, I’m going to be doing a yarn giveaway. I’m keeping the details hush-hush until just before the one year mark, January 4th. (My one year is the 5th, but that’s a weekend, so we’ll announce it the day before.) Look for more information soon!

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