FO: Santa Hat

Santa Beard

Santa Beard

You still here? I’m still here. Then again, the only thing we were told was the world would end on December 21st. Here in Texas, there’s still 16 hours, give or take, left of December 21st. It could happen at any time!

Enough with the silly. Or rather, how about a little more? My husband asked me last week if I could make a Santa beard for a decorate-a-santa-hat competition at his work. Yeah, sure, what’s one more project? So, last Sunday, I sat down and got started. (The picture above looks a bit messier thanks to the hat being thrown around a bit. It used to look much nicer!)

The yarn is Simply Soft acrylic in white (and I mean white!). I used the Viking or Dwarven Beard pattern by Melissa Campbell. The thing that made me hesitant with this project was that it was crochet. Yep! Crochet! The majority of the project is just loose yarn, but the base is crocheted, which is not my strong point. I worked the pattern very slowly (thankfully I do know a little of the basics) and was able to get the base to turn out just about perfect.

Then the tedious part: the strands. I used up the entire skein of Simply Soft and a little bit from the second. That’s over 300 yards of yarn for just this beard. Each piece had to be cut into various lengths and then attached to the hat a little bit at a time. I started around noon on Sunday and finished around 9:30/10:00pm. Granted, I’m slow at this.

All in all, I’m happy with how the beard turned out. Husband didn’t win so much as a consolation prize (not sure what they thought consolation actually means), but the hat’s a keeper. I kind of want to convince my husband that we should pack it away with our Christmas stuff so he can wear it next year, too. I think it’d be fun for little ones in the future, too, to get to see a Santa, if they’re out peeking. I also kind of want to steal the absolutely amazing Santa Bag on Kate’s Creative Space. I think it’d just make Christmas special and a little magical.

Nearly done with brother’s stocking. I have to finish the heel and then do the toe. With a little luck (and thanks to a half day at work), I might be able to knock it out today. Then, I’m going to at least try to get the last stocking done so I have one designed just for mom. Luckily, I won’t see her until Christmas Eve evening for the children’s pageant anyway. That buys me a little bit of time!

Ready for the big day? We’re down to 4 days!