Oh Christmas Stocking, Oh Christmas Stocking

Silent Night WIP

Silent Night WIP

Well, the world is supposedly going to end tomorrow. I’m in the non-believer set, particularly as if it does end, I’ve been rushing to finish these stockings for no reason! Not to mention, would the world really end before the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

I don’t know where the energy came from, but I got a lot of work done on my little brother’s stocking last night. I’m finally at the heel, which is one my favorite and least favorite parts. I like working on the heel flap, particularly the heel turn. It’s easy and super quick. I just am not a fan of picking up stitches. I never seem to do it completely correctly. Oh well, that’s like one whole round, hardly a blip in an entire pattern. With any luck, these will be either my last or second to last picked-up-stitches on a stocking for a while.

I’m not totally happy with how the music notes turned out, particularly the treble clef. Still, I’m sure my brother will like the stocking either way, particularly if there are presents inside. Speaking of which, I still need to get him something for his stocking. Oh the joys of last-minute Christmas shopping!

Tomorrow is my last day of work (half day, no less!) before the holidays. We get 11 days this year. With any luck, I’ll be able to finish up my niece’s sweater before she arrives in about 5 weeks. I’m complicating that a bit by joining my very first mystery KAL!

I’m really kind of excited about this. I’ve read so many blog posts about other knitters doing KALs, and I’ve always wanted to try one. I’m a little nervous because I don’t really know how these work; well, I get the gist of it. I’ll be participating in the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich. The suggested yarn is Lorna’s Laces Sportmate, but I have so much sport weight yarn around here lately, that I figured I’d pick something from my own stash. The needle size and gauge information will be released on December 31 (so I’ll have a little bit of time to focus just on the sweater), and then we’re right to it in January!

That is, if we make it to tomorrow (dramatic music).