Weekend Wrap-Ups: Feeling the Christmas Spirit



I may not have been posting, but I’ve been a busy bee over the past couple of weeks. Christmas is now just over a week away, and I still have a lot of work ahead of me! I think I’m a born procrastinator, though, because I’m getting a rush as the deadline nears.

I finally finished the TARDIS stocking for my dad on Saturday only to immediately cast on for my little brother’s stocking. I’d been debating what to use as the motif, since he too likes Doctor Who but not to the same extent as dad. He is, though, really into music and plays the saxophone very well. I’m using the Silent Night Musical Notes pattern by Jen Curran for the main decoration. Turns out I chose a good one, too, because when he stopped by this weekend, he saw the printed out pattern and begged for it on his stocking! Nice little pat on the back.

That leaves mom’s stocking. I’m a little on the fence right now for hers. Technically, there’s a stocking that I designed completely on my own that I could give her. She did think it was really pretty, and it would save me some time. I’m just not sure yet. I think I want to see how fast I can make up my little brother’s and go from there.

Then I’m done for Christmas! Yay! Well, nearly. I have all save one Christmas present purchased, too. Once I figure that out, then I really am done for Christmas.

Are you all ready for the holidays?