Sad Week: Little Miss Rizzle


With a sad heart, I must say that Rizzle (aka Rizzle Cakes, Rizzle Kitten, Rizzle Dizzle Dazzle) passed away yesterday from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). We only received the diagnosis Monday, but over 24 hours, her condition deteriorated quickly. We will miss her terribly. It’s not the same knitting without someone trying to eat the yarn. That being said, I will return to writing next week, just going to take some time.

It would seem 2012 is not my year.

7 thoughts on “Sad Week: Little Miss Rizzle

  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your knitting partner.
    He now is in Rainbow Heaven awaiting for us. I have 4 there.

  2. I’m so very sorry to hear. FIP is a wretched horrible disease. It sounds like she didn’t suffer for too long I hope. I only wish veterinary research could find more ways to look for a cure. So sad :/ sending consoling thoughts your way.

  3. my condolences. i have 2 cats and they are my babies. I pray that you are okay. Rizzle’s soul will always be there and i hope she visits you often in dreams and makes you happy.

    these are my first cats- one has been w me forever and i almost lost her 3 years ago. i am trying to get mentally prepared to not be attached and still love them w all my heart. they also happen to be both my service animals too for which i am very blessed.

    oh, i love your creative ways of making new words! you make me laugh a lot. i wish i could hang out w you at the crafternoon shin-digs. i love the word procrasknitation(sp) LOL : )



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