FO: PomPom Hat

I love oversized pompoms

Last week I mentioned I was working on a surprise birthday gift for a friend. Well, here it is! I can finally share it.

I love this hat. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. That pompom is just so abnormally large! I can thank my husband for that. He got some cardboard and one of our plates out, and used that for the template. I don’t know how he had the focus to do it; I personally hate making pompoms. I think it added a fun touch to the hat, made it more whimsical.

The pattern I used was The 2.5-Hour Hat by Rachel Nichole. I don’t remember if it took me only 2.5 hours, but it did go by really quickly. Such an easy pattern! I mean, sheesh. This is a very basic hat. It’s done in super bulky yarn (hence the speed). I used Lion Brand’s Hometown USA. I wish I could tell you the colors, but Rizzle took off with the labels and I haven’t seen them since. (That cat loves tearing paper.)

My needles have since been very busy bees. I have a pair of gloves started for Ken. Those are not due by any particular date, so I’ve been slow on them. I also am finishing up a cowl/shawl present for my aunt’s mom. It’s very very simple, but it’s from a pattern that always get me compliments when I wear it. Of course, I have a stocking on as well. I’m about 1/2 way through with it, down to the heel. That leaves 2 more to go after that and only a little over 4 weeks to get them all done in.

Left to do are 2 guy hats to get done. I might do 4 more hats for some friends of mine, but I’m not committing myself to those yet. The stockings and the things that have to be shipped to the northern family have to be finished first. Oy vey! Busy busy busy. And did I mention I didn’t knit at all Monday or Tuesday? Priorities!

How’s your Christmas list coming along?


One thought on “FO: PomPom Hat

  1. That pom is crazy large, but I agree it definitely adds a touch of whimsy. I am still in the thick of it when it comes to Christmas knitting. Glad to hear my cats aren’t the only ones who fancy ripping up paper.

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