Weekend Wrap-Up: Finally an FO!

A complete pair of fingerless gloves!

Well, we’re back to it. Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone, and I’m heading back to work today after a week-long holiday. I didn’t get anywhere near as much accomplished as I wanted, but I did finally finish one project!

I’m so very happy with how my Constellation Gloves turned out. The Cascade Jewel was just a treat to work with and knit up much faster than I anticipated, especially considering how uneven the yarn is. I even got to try them out on Friday when we went to my little brother’s final football game (awwww, he’s off to college next!).

I did get some work done on the TARDIS stocking for my dad. I’m using the Falling Snow Stocking pattern by Jennifer Hoel as my base, as it’s a really great and easy pattern to follow. I originally tried to use the 2-Color TARDIS Dishcloth (by Erin Jones) pattern’s chart for the TARDIS, but things didn’t work out. I should clarify, that has nothing to do with the pattern itself. The colorwork chart (although in very bright colours, which can be hard on the eyes at times) is easy to follow. I’ll probably use this for another project somewhere down the line.

In the end, like with the mustaches, I made up my own colorwork chart. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works. I did find, interestingly enough, that my gauge changed between stockings, and I think it has to do with the needles I was using. For Josh’s mustache stocking, I used circs. For this TARDIS one, I used 8-in dpns. They’re the same size, but apparently I knit a lot looser with circs than I do dpns. So, my brother’s stocking is quite a bit bigger around than dad’s.

I could rip it out, or I could just block the smaller one to more closely resemble the size of mustache one. Or, I could do nothing. When my grandma made the original family stockings, my brother’s had inexplicably turned out to be the largest. She blamed it on not checking her gauge at the time, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not just a Josh curse! How else would this happen again (except that in family tradition, I also didn’t check my gauge)?

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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