Weekend Wrap-Up: Golf Club Covers

Three golf club covers, though you can only see two

An FO! Three FO to be exact! Although not quite in time for husband to take all three to the golf course on Saturday, I did technically meet the Saturday deadline. I finished the last one by the time he got home.

Woot woot! After a mad scramble to knit those things as fast as possible, I can return to my regularly scheduled programming. As I mentioned earlier, this week is all about the Christmas stockings. I’m down to my final 3, which is kind of exciting. I’m even starting to get a plan on how to design these final ones; well okay, I have a plan for one of them. Dad’s will have a TARDIS with snowflakes/stars all around it. Mom’s will be pretty (whatever that means; I haven’t really gotten a handle on that one yet). Youngest brother’s will … no idea. He’s not been much help in that department either.

Unfortunately, today all I can do is design. A certain friendly but oh-so mischievous little kitten decided that my size 8 circs were a fun chew toy. After quite a bit of work, looks like, she bit right through and dragged one around the house. Couldn’t have been easy to drag around, knowing her, but still. So last week I ordered 8 inch dpns in size 6 and 8 for the projects. I know, I still have interchangeable needles, but I’m really not getting the hang of magic loop. It drives me bonkers. If I can help it, I stick with dpns.

So after designing, I can get back to my final fingerless glove! I have about 2 more inches on that project until I increase for the hand (and do a proper thumb this time), which means I’m nearly finished. Ooh I love how squishalicious that yarn is, too. I find myself pausing between rounds just to feel the yarn. I love it.

The other project that must get done this week is a special present for a certain friend whose birthday is this week. I can’t go into details because she actually does see this blog, but I know exactly what it’ll be. I just have to get cracking on it as I need it tomorrow. I also have to make 4 s’mores brownies by tomorrow as well, so fun Monday!

How was your weekend? Ready for Thanksgiving?