Weekend Wrap-Up: An FO and a WIP

My scarf/cowl!

Well, NFO anyway. The knitting for the cowl/scarf is done, and I’ve blocked it. I need to add buttons yet, but then I really will be done! This picture doesn’t do much for it, but I love the way the cowl/scarf turned out.

I actually finished the scarf at the end of last week, but that was a crazy week. I know I say that a lot, but this time I mean it. The college I work at decided to throw a big pep rally, in part, to introduce our new mascot, a tornado (fitting in Texas). He’s amazing. The company who made our tornado did a great job. The pep rally went well, with hitches on the area I was in charge of. I headed up the scavenger hunt and, oh man, were there issues. I’m just glad that everything worked out in the end.

Then on Friday, my mom and I travelled up north for the regionals of the BEST Robotics competition. My younger brother, a senior in high school, was competing for the last time, and I really didn’t want to miss it. Well, we had fun on our way up. We broke for lunch and then the car wouldn’t start, didn’t even try. Eventually we got up and going again thanks to an old family friend. Then, once we sat down to dinner at an awesome pizzeria (best pizza aside from the artichoke pizza at Artichoke in Brooklyn, NY), I get a call from my little brother. He had fallen and his foot was swelling. Bless his heart! Luckily, nothing was broken, just sprained. He’ll be taking it easy for the next couple of days, and happily, he was still able to compete. In fact, he had the best round of his team that competition. I’m so proud of him!

You’re going, ok, that’s nice. This is a knitting blog. Well, I took my knitting with me! If you’ve ever been to a robotics competition, you know how long they are. I took my niece’s sweater with me and managed to finish the body. I now need to do the sleeves and yoke, so getting closer to done. Good thing too as she’s due in January and she’s a London baby!

Constellation glove 1

I finally decided what to make with the brown Cascade Jewel yarn, as well. Yesterday afternoon, I cast on for some lovely arm warmers. I’m doing the Constellation Gloves by Lion Brand. I did have to make a few modifications, being a not-so-slender gal that I am. I went ahead and added a few more stitches when casting on. I have 44 instead of 32. This is also because I wasn’t sure how to swatch this yarn as uneven as it is and so I guessed with size 4 needles. Obviously those were too small in retrospect, but I adjusted for it. I also added to the thumb. I wanted a little more warmth than just a thumb hole.

I finished the first one yesterday, and I’m hoping I’ll get to finish the other one very soon. This yarn has been a dream to work with, and I’ll talk more about that in a later post, once the project is finished.

This week will be, thankfully, considerably duller, and I get all of next week off (knitcation!). That means all stockings will get done by the end of the week next week. Luckily, there are only 3 more, and I know that I can do 1 in about 2 days if that’s all I have to focus on.

This week’s main project was requested by my husband, who is newly into golf. He wants a set of golf head covers for his new clubs. I’ve never made anything like these before, so it should be fun. They’re fairly small projects, and thank goodness I talked him out of black yarn! He wants them by Saturday, when he has a golf tournament at work. That will probably take priority over my mitts as he needs more than one cover, but I’m hoping it’ll go quickly.

Before I sign-off, I just want to add that today is my husband’s birthday. Due to schedules, I won’t get to see him today (probably until Thursday), but I still want to wish him a happy birthday. He’s been so great through everything and so supportive. He’s an amazing man, and I’m so blessed to have him in my life.

Happy birthday, Ken!