Christmas Knits: An FO!

Rizzle absolutely insisted on being in the photo this morning.

It’s Friday! I have a little bit of Rebecca Black and Calvin Harris stuck in my head. I’m so ready for the weekend. It’s been a long, allergy-ridden week, and I haven’t gotten much done. Not much, that is, except for a stocking!

Yay! Ok, so I actually finished this on Monday. I’ve just been waiting to share it until I got the brother seal of approval. He loved it. Mom loved it. I’m all around happy with it. Now, dad wants a Doctor Who based one (but it has to be in evergreen and cranberry to match mom’s color scheme) and I have no idea what to make for the youngest kid, Justin. Oh dilemmas! He’s also a big Doctor Who fan.

I say nothing but the stocking got done, but I did start another project. I’m really good at starting projects. I just need to get better at finishing them. Acknowledging my general hate of knitting blankets (at least for now), I decided the best thing to give my new niece (who is just a couple more months away! yay!) is something I actually enjoyed knitting. I’m also trying something pretty completely new. A sweater!

I’m working on the Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car from What to Knit When You’re Expecting. It’s a bottom-up sweater knit flat (so no steeking!). I’m using Baby Softee from Bernat in a peachy-orange color. I really like the pattern so far.

I’m also working on the katherine hat by Erin Kate Archer. I’m enjoying the pattern, I’m just not sure the yarn was the best choice. It’s got a thick halo and the grey is pretty dark, so not all the cabling is showing up clearly. I’m going to go ahead and finish this one, though, because I don’t have time to start over again, and it will probably look better off the needles anyway.

Christmas is now only 60 days away, and there’s still so much to do. (Sorry, I’m like the ominous keeper of the countdown. These numbers keep flashing in my head!) How are your Christmas projects coming along?

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