Weekend Wrap-Up: Stocking 2 WIP

Mustache stocking

Although I thought I wouldn’t,  I cast on a second stocking on Friday night. I didn’t get very far until Saturday, when husband and I decided to have a day in. Then, before I knew it, I was done with the leg portion!

Saturday I took out some chart paper and brainstormed for the stocking idea. This is for my brother Josh, who wanted a mustache stocking. The design is a variation on the Falling Snow Stocking by Jennifer Hoel, which was the pattern I made husband’s and my stockings with last year. o keep an overall Christmasy theme, I combined snowflakes with the mustaches, as well as the colors mom first chose.

Josh loved it. He got a sneak peek at it yesterday while dropping things by the house. I really like the large mustaches. The problem is with the falling snow there are smaller mustaches. They look more like squiggles than anything else. Still, he liked it, so I’m going with it.

I’m now on the short rows, so nearly done with the heel. I’m surprised at how quickly this is coming together. When I made the other stockings last year, it took me about 2 weeks per stocking, including the weekends. I was able to do about half of this in one weekend. All I have left is finishing the short rows, joining everything back up, decreasing the gusset, then the foot and heel. Then, viola! Complete stocking 2.

That leaves a minimum of 4 stockings. Mom will go for anything pretty. Dad joked about a Tardis one (he’s been a Doctor Who fan almost since the very beginning). My other little brother, I just don’t know. The other trick is these all have to be cranberry, cream, or evergreen so they all coordinate.

With a little luck, I might just get all the knitting done in time for Christmas at this rate after all.

How are your Christmas projects going?