Christmas Knits: WIP Hat 3

The Katherine Hat

Yay! I’ve cast-on another hat! No stockings, despite needing so many of those. I’ll learn my lesson by the time Christmas is over. Perhaps. Then again, procrastination was always my strong suit.

I decided a couple days ago that I really do need to get cracking on the knitting for Christmas. My time is dwindling down before my eyes, and there’s so much to get done. Technically, I should focus on the stockings. They take me the longest, and it’s my mom who wants them. Still, I need to make a bunch of hats as well, which are relatively quick to knit up. Oh, conundrum!

As I hadn’t knit anything productive in nearly a week (hexipuffs! woohoo!), I finally settled on at least making another hat. I’m working on the Katherine Hat by Erin Kate Archer. My yarn is unlabeled (this time my fault rather than who I inherited it from; I bought this 4-5 years ago while still trying to learn how to crochet), but I know it’s acrylic. By touch, my guess is it’s Loops & Threads brand yarn, but I could be completely wrong.

So far, I love this hat. I mean love! As easy as I thought the Meret was (and it is!), this one just blows that one out of the water. There are 4 basic rows, and once you have those memorized, you’re golden. I looked at the pattern for the first repeat, and then I haven’t looked since, not that I’m extremely far yet.

And, I knit a gauge swatch for this hat! Let me clarify earlier posts here. When I said I swatched before, I meant that I looked at the pattern’s 4 x 4 swatch requirements (so many stitches by so many rows), I plugged them into my gauge app and got the 1 x 1 requirements. So, I was knitting this iddy biddy “swatch” to figure out how many stitches I was going to need. Once I had my notes, I unraveled the swatch and used the yarn in my project.

I didn’t do that this time. I knit a whole 4 x 4 swatch and then took my measurements. I even cast it off. I was thinking, with all the projects I have this Christmas, eventually I could make like a patchwork quilt of them. After all, me knitting a full blanket is out of the question, but if it’s just part of another project, I’m more likely to do it.

This weekend, I want to finish up this hat and get started on a stocking. I have to pick up my pace a bit if I’m going to get all these things done. Like I said, procrastination is what I do best!

What are you working on this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Knits: WIP Hat 3

  1. Arrgghh. I need to get started on my Xmas knitting too!
    Problem is, I have a new wheel and all I want to do right now is spin, which is NOT productive. Shiny new toy syndrome.

  2. I think the swatch blanket is an awesome idea. In terms of Holiday knitting I am still steadily plugging away (hope springs eternal of course) on the list. The hat you are working on looks gorgeous (Rav. link.) Can’t wait to see it finished. Best of luck this weekend.

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