Weekend Wrap-Up: Knitting on My Mind

Most weekends, I don’t do a whole lot. Saturdays I run around town or stay in with my husband. Sundays I knit as much of the day away as I can. This weekend was a little different. While I may not have gotten much knitting done, I sure did think about it a lot.

It’s been a rough month, no denying it. In this rough month, though, I’ve clung to what’s important to me, especially family. I’ve also been drawn more and more to my knitting needles. It’s my meditation. If I’m doing lace, cabling, or colorwork, I can’t zone out and fall into my thoughts. I have to focus, and in turn, my mind clears. I’m completely calm at those times. That’s also why I’ve been bringing my knitting to work. It gives me a moment to clear my head and meditate quietly.

I used to do some freelance work at home, but after everything, I’ve realized how important it is to just come home and clean or knit for the rest of the evening. I can’t work and then come home and work anymore. I’m wearing out too fast, which is why I’ve given myself the okay to be a bit selfish and take the me time. No more work after work, except housework of course!

Plus, I’ve made one heck of a Christmas list, and it’s being added to all the time! So enough depressing stuff. What’s on my needles at the moment?

I’m starting a toe-up Christmas stocking. I don’t really know how well it’s going to go, but I’m excited to try it. I think I’m going to try an afterthought heel as well, something I’ve also never done before. All I know is that the pattern I want to do will be a 64 stitch repeat over, I think, 30-odd rows. We’ll see. I’m kind of winging it.

I’m also working on a hat, but it’s kinda gone bad. Remember that clearing my mind thing? Well, I didn’t start calm. I was agitated, didn’t read closely, and grabbed a fingering weight pattern along with my worsted weight yarn. Oy vey! Luckily, I haven’t gotten very far, so ripping back won’t be too painful. I hope.

And I’ve finally dragged out the baby blanket for my new niece, who will arrive in January. It’s actually a lot easier to work on than I expected. I forgot that until I actually finish a project, it’s just stitches to me. I don’t see blanket right now. I see a row of stitches that I can selfishly use to have a calm evening.

How was your weekend? What projects did you work on?

One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Knitting on My Mind

  1. Sorry you are having a tough time right now, but I can say that I use my knitting in a similar way. It does help to calm me down, or help me relax, or pass the time. Good for you for taking time for yourself in the evenings, I wouldn’t say it’s selfish, more of self preservation. Best of luck on the stockings, I will be interested to see your progress, and don’t worry about the hat thing, I have done that before, better to catch it now than after you bind off, finding someone with that large of a head can be a bit of a challenge. 🙂

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