Knitting Conundrum: Balancing a Clean House and Knitting

You should see the state of my house. Or, maybe you shouldn’t. In the de-cluttering process, I’ve dragged out almost every box and pile of papers I could find, and the result isn’t pretty. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to finish de-cluttering and then thoroughly cleaning this place. Oh, and did I mention it is now only 90 days until Christmas?

I’m a bit overwhelmed right now. There’s so much cleaning to do and yet so much knitting to get done as well. Is it possible to balance cleaning with knitting? How am I going to accomplish this? Well, as usual, I’ve come up with a … (drumroll, please) … plan! We know how well my plans turn out, so I’m taking this plan enthusiasm with a grain of salt. I have, at least, already started implementing the plan.

Here’s what’s going on in this messy house:

1. The Honey-Do List: No, I haven’t decided to sneakily pass off all the work on my husband, although goodness knows I’ve tried. He’s as good at cleaning as I am. Our honey-do list is a notepad on the refrigerator that has a list of housework we’d like to get done that day. It also has room for the other partner to put down some tasks he/she would like the other to do. Like today, I put “empty dishwasher.” He might put “put away pots and pans” in my list. This way we’re sharing the work that needs to get done.

2. The 1 Hour Rule: This is a new addition to my plan, and something I picked up from work productivity blogs (I think from Stever Robbins, The Get-It-Done Guy from Quick and Dirty Tips, in particular). I noticed that if I come home and face the de-cluttering, I get overwhelmed really quickly and start to stall out. I’m going to set a timer and try to get as much accomplished off my list as I can in 1 hour. Then, I’ll evaluate what’s left on the list and decide if it should go ahead and get done now or be pushed to tomorrow’s list.

3. Clean before I Knit: Not fun. I’d rather just knit the night away, but that’s the problem. If I sit down to knit, I’m not going to stop until it’s time for bed. That means I have to do housework before if I’m going to get anything done.

I managed to do some of this on Monday, but none of it last night. My husband and I went out to dinner for our anniversary, and I’ve been so exhausted the past couple of days that I just crashed right in to bed once we got home. I plan to try out the 1 hour rule tonight while dinner is cooking to see how it goes. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping for the best! Oh, and tonight’s adventurous cooking involves acorn squash. I’ve never tried it before, so this should be fun!

How do you balance knitting and cleaning?

One thought on “Knitting Conundrum: Balancing a Clean House and Knitting

  1. I feel the same way about knitting and school work. There are certain things I know I need to get done before I can knit, and it doesn’t get easier! This seems like a great plan, though! Good luck!

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