Weekend Wrap-Up: Busy busy busy!

Smocked sock

I had a very busy but productive weekend! I can proudly say that almost all of my knitting supplies are organised, and our spare bedroom is well on its way to being empty, which has been a goal of mine since we moved in nearly a year ago. I even made progress on the new sock (picture above)!

The sock I’m working on right now is Tern by Pam Allen. It’s a smock knit, which is something I’ve never tried before. Reading the directions really confused me on how to do the stitch, so I ended up going to YouTube to get some help:

After watching the video, I had no problems at all. In fact, now this sock is quite a quick knit. I am also very much in love with this yarn. I’ll have to try and find the label so I can share it. It’s not a super soft yarn, but it’s squishy and makes a thick fabric, especially as I knit in size 00s very often for my socks. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

My big project this weekend, though, was getting the house organized. I decided to tackle the biggest (and to me, most important) task first, which was my knitting. I’d tried a few different things, but I wasn’t happy with it. So, as I’ve been trying to give away as much of my stuff as possible (particularly things I don’t need/want/use), I cleared out 5 shelves of books that I no longer wanted, some of them I never wanted. I then spent Saturday night and most of Sunday winding and categorizing the yarn so it would stack nicely. I’m very happy with how the whole thing turned out, even though I still have some more to do.

Getting organized

I also managed to finish my little brother’s beard hat. Yeah, remember that? I think I started it in January. The problem was I used my other brother to try it on, and they have vastly different sized heads. Solution? I used my husband to size it this time and redid the beard so that it was knit rather than crochet. I used two strands held together of the Red Heart Soft in wine and followed the pattern Garter stitch beard by Courtney Fikes. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the end result, but my brother loved it, which was the main point.

Le beard hat modeled by my little brother

It was kind of nice being productive. I also managed to motivate myself to buy a bunch of vegetables while grocery shopping. I’ve decided that I’m going to be an adventurous cook this week! In London, I would buy a weird looking fruit or vegetable and then go home and find out what to do with it. Well, it’s time to start that up again! First on the menu? Spaghetti squash. Never tried it before, so this will be interesting.

How was your weekend?


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