Knitting Conundrum: Plus-Size Knitting

I love scrolling through Ravelry or flipping through magazines and admiring all the beautiful patterns, especially the sweaters. As a big girl, though, I often find myself a little disappointed. Many patterns aren’t made for plus-size gals and guys. I worry about those that are because I never know if the cut will look good on me, and that’s a lot of work for a sweater that doesn’t look good. So, what to do?

This is a personal knitting conundrum for me. I’m working very hard to get healthier. I’ve increased my vegetable and fruit intake by quite a lot (compared to nearly none), and I walk to and from work (which is now a twice as long walk since moving to the new building). I have a very very long way to go until I’m my ideal size/weight. But still, I eye those beautiful sweaters.

There is some hope! Here are tips I’ve found while researching this topic:

1. Go to a department store and try on different styles of sweaters. This will help you choose the cut of pattern that will best flatter your figure.

2. Don’t forget to check out knitting magazines. Many, including Interweave Knits, now have patterns that go up to a bust size in the 50+ inches range. This includes for men sweaters as well! According to Plus Size Knitting, the summer issue of Interweave Knits has a really nice looking herringbone vest for men that goes up to a 54-inch chest measurement.

3. Go to the bookstore or check out your local library. There have been several books written in the last few years that show how to make your knits fit you perfectly, whether your plus size or not. These include:

What about socks? If you’re like me, your legs are a little thicker than most. Luckily, if you check out those books or look online at the many great resources, you can learn how to adjust sock patterns to fit as well. It’s all a bit of math, which may seem scary but is really easy.

Check out these resources/blogs for some inspiration and guidance:

2 thoughts on “Knitting Conundrum: Plus-Size Knitting

  1. You hit the nail right on the head with this one: “that’s a lot of work for a sweater that doesn’t look good.”
    So far, I am satisfied sticking to scarves, hat and mittens. I did start knitting a cardigan for my niece this summer. It’s slow going, but I think it’ll be quite cute when it is done. I cast on a larger size to allow for her growth while I knit it up.

    • Those projects will keep you busy for a while. I love working on hats and mittens, but I kind of overbooked myself for this fall. I might sneak those in this winter.

      I’d love to see how your cardigan turns out! I’ve been working on a sweater for my husband, but that’s also been slow going.

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