J’Adore Tuesdays: Haus of Gloi

As the weather is finally starting to cool down a little bit (at least for now), I’m slowly starting to dream of autumn. Up north, this was my favorite season of the year. The leaves changed colors and fell. Dad would rake them all together into a big pile, and my brothers and I would jump into them (which apparently you’re not supposed to do anymore). Autumn is just happiness.

Texas autumn is a little different, at least in my neck of the woods. The leaves brown up not because it’s that time of year but because they’ve been burned to a crisp. Anyway, one thing always reminds me of autumn and how much I love it. That’s Haus of Gloi.

Haus of Gloi is a vegan bathing goods online shop. I originally found it on Etsy a couple years back, but they now have their own website. Their products are to die for. My favorites are always the luscious pumpkin butters, which are whipped to perfection. And the scents! Oh my, they’re heavenly. Sometimes strong, but always lovely.

Here are the products I’m eyeing as the temperatures are cooling down:

1. Ghost Puffs Pumpkin Butter




2. Olde Cider Haus Bubbling Scrub



3. Troika Handmade Soap 




4. Vice Sugar Exfoliant



5. Pumpkin Queen Perfume Oil