Cowboy Scarf, Halfway Point

I’ve done it! After fiddling and ignoring the project, I finally reached its halfway point.

It has been one of those really long weeks. I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’ve been absolutely exhausted all week and haven’t made it past 8pm. Luckily, those 3 hours I have after work have been really productive this week. I just turn on a movie or some TV show and get right to work. Half the time I don’t have to look at the needles. Aside from the increase, it’s all garter anyway.

A much more productive week than anticipated, Mom finally chose the colours for the Christmas stockings, too. She chose burgundy, evergreen, and cream in Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn line. I wasn’t too crazy about the yarn choice at first, but it is fairly soft and should be pleasant enough to work with. I can’t wait to get started!

And yet, I completely can. See, she’s envisioning figures or solitary designs in the middle of a solid colour. That’s intarsia, the very technique I’ve been fighting with. If she wanted fair isle or another technique like that, we’d be in business! I’m used to that; I love that. We’ll see. I know Josh’s moustache stocking will need to be intarsia (unless I can make a pattern of iddy biddy moustaches to do around and around … hm, there’s an interesting idea).

All I know is I’m ready for the weekend! It’s finally Friday, which means it’s nearly the weekend. As far as I know there’s nothing on our schedule, so I’m hoping to have a loving husband around to distract the kitten so I can get some real work done. After all, Christmas is only 137 days away.