Weekend Wrap-Up: Just a Touch of Chaos

I got more knitting done this weekend than I anticipated despite running around all over the place. Little did I know that one of my seemingly innocent projects for the kitten would turn into chaos!

I finished all the pieces for G’s purse, and they are all now blocking nicely. I will probably sew them together this evening, if I get the chance. Because I absolutely could not get the hang of intarsia and I had a deadline, I opted to make a 3-d heart. Originally, I thought I’d make a full toy heart and sew it on the front, but I got lazy. I only made half, the front half, which I’ll sew on later and maybe add a little stuffing so it pops out a bit.

I had to improvise the heart pattern a little, but I like it. Then, not so lazy me decided to go ahead with the stuffed heart idea but to make it for Rizzle. It didn’t take long at all, maybe 30 minutes tops for the whole project. I thought, gee she’ll like this toy.

Turned out she loved the toy. I don’t know if it’s because my husband said I should add just a whiff of catnip to it or because the cotton slides so well on our wood floors. She was all over the place with that thing!  To get her to calm down (because it was getting really out of control), we took the toy away. She’s now only allowed to have it while under supervision. I don’t want a hurt kitty or anything broken.

With G’s purse blocking, I started on her brother’s present, the cowboy scarf. I’m working garter stitch with an increase each row, very similarly to the bias blanket, which has given me endless ideas for other projects the shape could be used for. It’s in this really great blue colour, one of his favourites. He and his family live in the Midwest, so I’m kind of hoping he’ll be able to also use this to keep warm, at least for the early winter months before things really get cold.

What projects did you work on this weekend?