FO: E’s Purse

E’s Purse!

Finally! I finished the purse. With little Rizzle running around and rearranging things, I hadn’t had time to sew everything together in a few days. My knitting’s been pretty behind as well. Last night, though, I finally got a chance to stitch everything up during a rare nap time.

I really like how E’s purse turned out. It’s two of her favourite colours: blue and yellow. I’m hoping she’ll like it! I’ve been working on her sister’s, but that intarsia issue has got me stuck. I’ve been thinking about knitting the whole thing solid purple and then adding a 3-d heart to the outside like I did the bow. I’ve seen a few patterns on Ravelry for something like that. I’ll hopefully finish that this weekend so I can work on their brother’s present.

I’ve added more to my knitting list, but the new items aren’t due for a while yet. There has been an absolute boom in babies in my life lately. I have several expecting friends, which is so exciting! For most of them, it’s too early to tell if it’s a boy or girl, so I’m trying to aim for relatively neutral patterns and colours.

I’m hoping I’ll get to knit some this weekend. Tomorrow, husband and I are heading down to IKEA. It’s one of those trips I just like to do once in a while for the fun of it. Plus, we’ve got our fingers crossed that since new products are coming out in August, there just might be some deals right now. We’ll be looking at organisation items for the craft room while there. Right now, everything is in ugly boxes that we just haven’t unpacked yet. I’d like things to be a bit more organised so I can tell where everything is. That and the yarn had to move once my books from work came home. Then on Sunday, we’re having dinner with my folks. Ooftah! Busy weekend!

What projects will you be working on this weekend?