Knitting Conundrum: Intarsia

Usually when I put “Knitting Conundrum” in the title, I write about an issue I’ve come up against and suggestions on how to fix it or deal with it. This time, though, I’m stuck. This is my current knitting conundrum: Intarsia.

I foolishly thought that intarsia would be easy. Stranded colorwork came very easy to me, even as complicated as the mittens I made last year. I thought, well, it can’t really be that different. Can it? I’m sorry to say, I was completely wrong!

I was going to make a heart purse for my cousin G (little sister of E). I had the colours picked out. It’s the same type yarn as for her sister’s, Sugar n Cream solids. I drew out a chart for the heart, which took me a couple of tries to get it just right, then got to knitting.

I tried holding the yarn around the back, but I got holes. I tried cutting the yarn so I could weave in later, and I got holes. I’ve read a couple tutorials and seen a couple of videos, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So for this knitting conundrum, I’m turning to you.

Have you done intarsia before? Do you have tips or suggestions or even sources that would make this project easier?

3 thoughts on “Knitting Conundrum: Intarsia

  1. I usually don’t do this type knitting, so i’m not so good at advice, …but have you tried twisting the yarns together before the stitch? I think I read that once.

  2. I’ve read the twisting the yarn thing before, too, but sadly I as well do not partake in this particular form of knitting. I think it’s gorgeous, but I fear the roadblocks I will inevitably face too much to get started.

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