Santa’s Little Helper and the Christmas List

I finally sat down and took a look at my Christmas list for this year. I think I’ve overbooked myself! For someone who only seriously started knitting back in December 2011, I may be about to overdo it. Then again, where’s the fun without a little challenge?

Before I start on the list, I would like to introduce you to the little helper you see in the photo above. On Saturday, my husband and I adopted a kitten. We’d talked about it a lot, but when we saw this little girl, we made up our mind. So, it was a little impulsive, a little planned. Her name is Rizzle, and she’s about 4 months old. I love her to death and she drives me crazy. This kitten is the most talkative cat I’ve ever met!

As you can see, she really enjoys how many cozy blankets and pillows we have around the house. And her antics! I terrified her by walking by a mirror. I suppose she thought there was another cat in the house. My favourite thing, though, is she is mesmerised by my knitting. She stares at it until she falls asleep. It’s too precious! What better companion to help me with the Christmas list?

And what a Christmas list it is this year. Here’s what I’ve got:

Niece/Nephew: Baby blanket

Nieces and Nephew: Christmas stockings (3)

Parents: Christmas stockings (2)

Brothers: Christmas stockings (2)

Cousins: Hats and mittens

Uncle: Slouchy hat of some kind

Aunt: Purse

Aunt’s mom: Shawl or scarf

Grandma: Shawl or scarf

Husband? No idea!

In the meantime, I’m also making my little cousins in-between presents. We don’t tend to send each other birthday presents, but E really loved my iPhone purse and wanted one too. So, I’m making her one, as well as one for her little sister. Her brother, who is really into cowboys right now, is going to get a cowboy kerchief. You know, the triangle ones they wrap around their necks? I’ll have to go get yarn for that and probably make up a pattern as I haven’t found one yet.

What’s on your Christmas list?

2 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper and the Christmas List

  1. That’s quite the list, luckily you have some time to get a good start on it all. I am sure it will keep you busy but it’s great you have the newest addition to help you out. She is such an adorable kitten!

  2. You are one organized knitter! I can’t believe that you’ve only been knitting since last year — that’s wonderful. Good luck with your list and your new kitteh. So cute.

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