Knitting Conundrum: Where to Knit

I love to knit. I don’t think that’s any secret around here. What I don’t love, though, is trying to find a good place to knit. Where is it most comfortable? Where will the cat not find me and take over my lap?

I like a nice cozy spot when I knit, always have. We recently bought an L-shape sofa, and my cozy spot is the corner piece. When I get home from work, I curl up and pull over my knitting with the TV on, playing in the background. Unfortunately, that corner my husband’s favourite spot too. We are only both in the house at the same time during the weekends, so during the week it’s not so bad. On weekends, though, we will (like little children) race to that spot. And if you get up, there’s no telling if you’ll get to keep the spot. More often than not, he’s up first on the weekends and I have to find somewhere new to knit, usually on a different part of the couch (comfy, but I have to sit weird to get my feet up).

Then there’s out in public. I maintain there’s no real good place to knit in public, at least around here. My needles often follow me to work so I can knit on my lunch break. I will say, I’m not really fond of knitting at a desk in my office chair (I didn’t really get the luck of the draw when it came to chairs). I start to hunch over my knitting and my back starts to ache. Ooftah!

In the car’s not so bad once the AC is running full. I keep to simple projects, particularly stockinette in the round or garter, so that if I need to look up and relieve my eyes, I can and can keep working. This is something I’d wished I’d learned in high school, when every summer we made the 18+ hour drive up to South Dakota to see family.

At my parents? Forget about it. That’s where my cats live, and they are spoiled rotten. These are not just the kind of cats who try to bite and play with the yarn. No, that’d be easier to deal with. Starsky and Zebra will go out of there way to sit on your needles while they’re still in your hands. AC will bite the needles themselves until you stop and pay attention to her. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we have little ones to take care of as well.

So where’s the perfect place? When’s the perfect time? I don’t think there is one. Like writing, I try to fit it in and work whenever and wherever I can. I’ve taken projects over to friends’ houses, on long trips, to work, even to the movie theatres. My purse makes that really easy; it’s the perfect size for even my longest needles.

Where’s your favourite knitting place?

One thought on “Knitting Conundrum: Where to Knit

  1. I think my favourite place is a tall bar stool, with a large glass of wine in front of me. Venue relatively unimportant. 😉

    Failing that, sat sideways on the sofa with my feet up on the arms, watching films or my OH play computer games. 😀

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