Knitting Conundrum: Giving up the Ghost

Formerly the lacy socks

You know the feeling. You get it suddenly, swiftly. Maybe you can feel inklings of it coming on, but you shrug it off initially. Then, it grabs you all at once. It stuns the senses and is so severe, you have to step back. You have fallen out of love with your project.

I hope I’m not alone in admitting I have this feeling from time to time, especially with the larger projects. I get to a point where I don’t want to work on the project anymore, and I’m not sure if I ever will want to again. It’s rough because at one time, I really loved this project. I really wanted it.

Most of the time, I know I can just set the project down, walk away, and work on something else for a little bit to get my mind going. I use the same technique for work and while writing: Walk away and recuperate. Sometimes the brain just can’t handle a ton of one thing all at once.

Then there are times, though, when I know I just cannot continue with a project. I usually don’t quit if something is too difficult (although there are times I must admit I simply can’t do something yet), but if I’m bored out of my mind or if I just can’t think of putting one more stitch into a project, that’s a whole other story. I balance  a fine line sometimes, faced with having to decide to walk away or quit.

Thus ended the lacy socks. I realised going back to them that it didn’t matter if I could figure out where I was in the pattern. In this case, I knew I was too green with toe-up socks to try to resume. See, I found the lace pattern for socks, but it was not a sock pattern. I was trying to combine two patterns to get something. Already it was too challenging. I might come back to the pattern later on, once I’m more confident in my sock skills. In the mean time, I’m looking for a new sock pattern for my lovely yarn.

So when do you decide to call it quits? Do you ever decide to call it quits?


One thought on “Knitting Conundrum: Giving up the Ghost

  1. Prior to my first lace work project I would usually end up ripping out the project if I was less than 25% done. When I was working on my shawl, I finally was able to leave the project alone for a few days (or a week) and work on something else. Now of course I have a multitude of projects on the needles at any one time (for what ever might strike my fancy, deadlines, ect.) It sucks to rip out, but I am glad you could recognize that it might be a good idea for now. Beautiful colorway by the way.

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