Weekend Wrap-Up

Southern Charm iPhone Carrier

It’s Monday again. Is it just me, or have the weekends gotten shorter?  Much shorter. Or, perhaps it feels shorter because last week was a weird week, with Wednesday off. Anyway, I still kept busy either way, from cleaning to knitting up a new iPhone case.

I really liked the first iPhone carrier I made, which had a cabled owl down the front. I kind of made up a pattern in my head, figured out how the owl would sit on it, and got to it. No swatches or anything, just pure educated guessing. The result was great! I still really like it, but I wanted something new.

Now, I love love love my new iPhone carrier. I wanted something a little fun and flirty without being too distracting or annoying while I walked to work. I added a bow for a little fun and made my stripes uneven.

As with the first iPhone carrier, I sat down with a general idea in my head and got to work, though this time with no planning whatsoever. I’m so happy with how it turned out! Especially the bow. I really wasn’t sure about the bow until all was said and done. I’ve named the carrier Southern Charm (although the whole stripes thing reminds me of vintage France instead).

Once the carrier was done, I pulled out my husband’s jumper and got back to work on it. I didn’t make a ton of progress, but at least it’s out where I can see it now. Hopefully that will motivate me to work on it. I still have a lot of in-the-round body to do before I get to the chest and shoulders.

What projects did you work on this weekend?

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