Week Four: All Downhill From Here

We are down to the last two days of the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge. By now, you should be well into the 40,000s on the word count and seeing the end in sight. We only have to last a little bit more, and then this whole thing is over.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a bit sunburned and tired from this experience. Never fails, I start off the month super stoked to be doing this, my head filled to the brim with ideas. Week two, I peter out and have to struggle to find any idea. Week three, I have it made and stay pretty much on top of things or at least catch up. Week four, reality hits.

This is the end of the fourth week. Last weekend, I was so filled with hope! I was slightly ahead of my word count and feeling great. Then Wednesday hit, and I realised I was 8000 words behind again. This is getting to be a bad pattern. I did manage to catch up and get ahead (a good thing as I was sick all yesterday and unable to sit up, let alone write). I am now only 295 words away from today’s goal and only 1952 from the end’s goal. It seems unreal!

Now, you are looking at the end and trying to figure out how to wrap everything up in so few of words. If your story is like mine, you won’t have to find a way to end things just yet. I have every intention of writing a second part either in August or November. I know for a fact that my story is not done yet, and I made it to where I had hoped I would by now. I just have to figure out where to stop, where it has to end for this part.

Having trouble wrapping things up? Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Simply stop writing. Just like in real life, your story does not have to have a perfectly packaged ending. Maybe someone leave the pack. Maybe everyone is left in limbo, trying to figure out what to do. Life hardly ends with everyone getting what they want and living happily ever after.

2. Have a long lost relative show up and instantly solve everyone’s problems. This may sound cheesy, but if you don’t want to leave loose ends and only have 1000-2000 words to clean things up, a long lost relative might help things out. Maybe it is an uncle your characters presumed lost at sea. He returns with treasure chests full of gold and jewels. “Now we won’t lose the farm!” someone exclaims. Think outside the box.

3. Use a magic spell. If you are writing a fantasy fiction piece, why not use magic? The nice thing about magic is it can be as quick a fix or as slow a fix as you want it to be. It all depends on how many words you have left.

We are almost done. Hang in there! We just have to make it two more days and this whole ordeal is over with. Admit it, though. Despite the late night coffee runs and the misapplied sunscreen that left sunburn streaks all over your arms, this was a blast. I can guarantee that once you cross that 50,000 word mark, all of it becomes worth it. Next? You have to let your inner editor out of the cage you locked her in this month and set her loose. That is the terrifying part.

How is your project coming along? Almost finished?


One thought on “Week Four: All Downhill From Here

  1. I am sitting here taking a break from the flurry of novel writing. I am not nearly as close to the finish line as you, but am getting there. This was my first time doing the contest and I had some of the same issues as you in terms of the weeks. Great tips on quick ways to wrap things up (or not) thanks for sharing.

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