A knit-filled weekend

My how it’s grown!

Friday was not my favourite day by any means, but I won’t go into details. Because of it, I decided to make this weekend as full of positive energy and happiness as I could. For me, that means knitting and lots of it!

I got so much done on my shawl! Okay, so there’s a long way to go yet. The lattice section is done and I’m into the really lacy bit. It’s really starting to grow, and I’m getting so excited. Each stitch is one stitch closer to washing, blocking, and finally, wearing!

I had a bit of trouble in the third round of the new section. I think some of my stitch markers shifted themselves, which threw the design off a little bit. I don’t know how noticeable it will be until I’m down a few more rows, but I really don’t feel like ripping back and trying again. I’ve come to live with my mistakes in knitting, unless it completely throws everything off.

I’m loving this Madelinetosh sock yarn, too. It’s soft but very sturdy. I don’t think the shawl will be excessively warm, but cozy. Can you tell I can’t wait to wear this piece?

Aside from knitting for hours (which was a pleasure after not having done it for so long), my husband and I just kind of hung out. Saturday we went to the mall with my parents. They’d been away for my birthday, so they wanted to celebrate then. I got my hair cut and coloured, which was so much fun. I went in with shoulder-length hair and came out with hair resembling Julie Andrews’s length. I love it!

Sunday was typical, grocery shopping followed by knitting as the husband went bowling. We did end up going to a movie that night. I thought it’d be Prometheus, but we saw Bernie instead. Oh, Bernie. A more Texan movie has never been made. I swear, I don’t think people outside of Texas would understand a lot of the humour in that film. Of course, it is kind of bad that it’s based on real events and reportedly closely resembles the actual events. What I really found entertaining were the people,  not the main characters but the town. They may be East Texas, but I know people just like them here in Central! It was a lot of fun.

Tonight I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done. I’ve got to do some research as well, so probably won’t get to do as much as I’d like. Still, that shawl keeps calling to me. It’s so close to done that I can feel it. Just the lace section and the edging to do!

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