Rain, rain, rain

Not that I’m complaining. This time last year, we were in the middle of a summer-long drought and well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by now. Knock on wood, 90s are feeling pretty good (relatively speaking) and it’s raining. It’s just hard to get motivated in this kind of weather.

I did knit a little bit last night just as the storms arrived. I had been expecting them all day long, and I wanted to knit on the porch, listening to the rain. That didn’t happen. The storm came late last night by the time I was crawling into bed.

Anyway, I’m nearly done with the third repeat of rows 56-63 and will be beginning the beautiful lace section very soon. I’m itching to get to that part. Though at one point I lost and then gained stitches (still getting used to lace knitting), I’ve done pretty well in the lattice section. It’s just, after 100-odd rows of it, I’m ready for something new.

I think that’s why this pattern excites me. I know that by the time I’m bored with one section, I’ll be starting the next. It keeps things interesting. I don’t know if I’ll make another one of these, but this good shawl experience is definitely making me keep my eyes open for others like it.

This is where my conscience kicks me and says something like, “Christmas stockings. Child, you’re supposed to be focusing on Christmas stockings, not shawls.” I know, I know. Sheesh! Christmas is now only a little over six months away. Any stockings for the northern states or for England are going to have to be done much sooner than that. I need to start designing.

This is the point where I get stuck. I don’t know how to design anything. I can knit someone else’s pattern quite easily, but I really want to do this on my own. I just don’t know how, yet. I have graph paper, and I have a basic basic pattern, though, so I have some sort of starting point.

I really want the stockings to have a Scandinavian flair to them. I love love love Scandinavian design. I need to pick up a few books, maybe ones with sample motifs I can add to my stocking blank. I just need somewhere creative and specific to start. That might make this a bit easier.

Anyone else have Christmas on the brain already? Or am I just a little crazy? (Okay, in truth I am.)